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Feb 26, 2006

Show 31 Book excerpt 2 from Eat the Rich by P.J. O'Rourke. Abridged.Some crude language PG-13. Very funny guy. Great book. 11.4 MB, 50 min. Chapter 5 Bad Socialism-Cuba Chapter 8 How to make nothing from everything-Tanzania and Chaper 9 How to make everything from nothing-Hong Kong. A must have in your...

Feb 20, 2006

Show 29 Ann Coulter refutes the charge that Conservatives are stupid in chapter 7 of her book Slander. Copyright 2002. 19 MB and 1hr-23 min long. Our longest podcast yet. Let me know if the file is too big. Great book. Get all of Ann Coulters books at The most ferocious defender conservative views out there....

Feb 8, 2006

Show 27 Presbyterian USAs boycott of Israel-19 min segment. Second half Dennis debates Harriet Milinewitz Professor of English & lesbian studies Long Island University Brooklyn NY who administers the Rachel Cory Award- 16 min segment. Originally recorded April 21 2005. Rating- 7 out of 10. To listen to all of Dennis...

Feb 3, 2006

Show 25 Dennis Prager interviews Alan Sears author of ACLU vs. America. for 20 min then he debates Andrew Hacker Professor of political science at Queens College City University New York. Rating 6 out of 10. Total time 36 min.

Feb 2, 2006

Show 24 Prager discusses Hiroshima bombing with Victor David Hansen on its 60th anniversary. Also Prager debates Professor Sari Makdisi regarding his article regarding the moral equivalence of U.S forces and Muslim terrorists. Rating- Hiroshima interview 8 out of 10. Makdisi interview 5 out of 10. Length 51 min. Visit