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Mar 31, 2008

Show 190 Michael Medved interviews author John C. Wohlstetter.36 min 8.4MB.

In a new book, The Long War Ahead And The Short War Upon Us, author John C. Wohlstetter outlines a frightening scenario of losing two wars with Islamic extremists and calls for a winner takes all battle against terror and...

Mar 28, 2008

Show 189 Dennis Prager talks with Professors James Q Wilson and Professor Russell Berman regarding their upcoming conference on the Causes and Consequences of Anti-Americanism around the World.  33 minutes 7MB.

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Mar 26, 2008

Show 188 Global Warming. Mark Taylor speaks with Professor Scott Amrstrong of the Wharton School of Business at the Univ. of Pennsyvania, also associated with the Heartland Institute. Professor Armstrong is internationally known for his pioneering work on forecasting methods. Recently, He has put forth a...

Mar 24, 2008

Show 187 The Enemy At Home The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11. Michael Medved talks to Disesh D Souza. 37 minutes 8MB.  From THE ENEMY AT HOME- In this book I make a claim that will seem startling at the outset. The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11. … In faulting the...

Mar 21, 2008

Show 186 Free to Choose 1980 PBS television mini series. Volume 9and 10 out of 10. Free To Choose® began as an award winning PBS television series featuring Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist. Free To Choose was also a book written by Milton and Rose Friedman. It was the best selling non-fiction book...