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Dec 30, 2009

Show 494 Dennis Prager talks to Steve Forbes about his new book, How Capitalism Will Save Us. 

Synopsis- Has capitalism failed? Is it fundamentally greedy and immoral, enabling the rich to get richer? Are free markets Darwinian places where the most ruthless crush smaller competitors, where vital products and services...

Dec 28, 2009

Show 493 Book- Why are the Jews Liberals? Prager talks to author. Audio MP3

Show Dennis Prager talks to Norman Podhoretz about his book Why are jews Liberals?

 For Synopsis of the book see the previous ACU show #492.

For commercial free archived shows visit Pragertopia

Dec 25, 2009

Show 492 Michael Medved talks to Norman Podhoretz about his book Why are jews Liberals?

About the book- From the bestselling author of World War IV, a brilliant and provocative examination of a central question in American politics and culture that is sure to generate tremendous controversy.

 Norman Podhoretz says he...

Dec 23, 2009


Show 491 The Victory of the Cross and the Fall of the

Berlin Wall Newt Gingrich, Bob McEwen, and Vince Haley, reflect on the contributions of Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan to the spiritual renewal of the West that set the stage for the most significant advance of freedom in our lifetime: the Fall of...

Dec 21, 2009

Show 490 This is a audio version of the video lecture. 47 minutes.

The video is highly recommended for the visual aids. Visit

The audio is poor but the content is excellent.

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