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Oct 29, 2014

Show 1198 Stossel- Big Brother

 A special edition of Stossel at Freedomfest in Las Vegas


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Oct 27, 2014

Show 1197 The Russia-China Axis by Doug Shoen


Michael Medved talks to Doug Shoen author of The Russia-China Axis   The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership



The Russia-China Axis   The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership by Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan 


The United States is a...

Oct 24, 2014

Show 1196 Dennis Prager talks to author of   Freedom From Speech.

Dennis talks to Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. His new book is a pamphlet from Broadside entitled “Freedom from Speech.”… The Department of Defense has 10,000 lawyers. Hard to wage war when decisions...

Oct 22, 2014

Show 1195 Freedoms Charter from Freedom Academy

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Freedom's Charter is a 20-mini-episode series that takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Featuring...

Oct 20, 2014

Show 1194 The Foundations of Western Civilization 14 part Series.

Part 1 of 14- Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans 


Part 2 of 14-  The Hebrew Bible Overview and Genesis 


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Note- The first three minutes are choppy but the rest is fine...