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Feb 8, 2019

American Enterprise Institute. AEI IN 60 SECONDS Playlist.


To watch American Enterprise Institute. AEI IN 60 SECONDS Playlist visit-


China's strategy to gain power in Asia | IN 60 SECONDS

Venezuela: Guaidó vs Maduro | IN 60 SECONDS

The American dream: Is it still alive? | IN 60 SECONDS

Populism: How should economic policy respond? | IN 60 SECONDS

Turkey: Is secularism dead? | IN 60 SECONDS

Turkey: Ally or adversary? | IN 60 SECONDS

North Korea and South Korea talks: What do they mean? | IN 60 SECONDS

Trump's mental health: Should psychiatrists publicly diagnose the president? | IN 60 SECONDS

Sexual harassment: What do the polls say? | IN 60 SECONDS

What is cryptocurrency? | IN 60 SECONDS

Dairy subsidies: Bad for business? | IN 60 SECONDS

Poverty: Good news for 2018 | IN 60 SECONDS

Should you invest in bitcoin? | IN 60 SECONDS

Cryptocurrency: A challenge for regulators | IN 60 SECONDS

Agency fees explained | IN 60 SECONDS

Janus v. AFSCME: What's next for teachers unions? | IN 60 SECONDS

China: An end to presidential term limits | IN 60 SECONDS

War on Poverty: What it got wrong | IN 60 SECONDS

School choice and localism | IN 60 SECONDS

Ethanol's hidden costs | IN 60 SECONDS

West Virginia teachers strike explained | IN 60 SECONDS

5G rollout: Regulatory hurdles | IN 60 SECONDS

US-China: Trade war? | IN 60 SECONDS

Washington, DC, graduation scandal | IN 60 SECONDS

2020 census: A conservative case against the citizenship question | IN 60 SECONDS

Social and emotional learning | IN 60 SECONDS

US response to security threats in the Americas | IN 60 SECONDS

Should big tech be regulated? | IN 60 SECONDS

Washington, DC, graduation scandal: A canary in a coal mine? | IN 60 SECONDS

Big tech using your data | IN 60 SECONDS

Work requirements help the poor | IN 60 SECONDS

Poor marks on The Nation’s Report Card | IN 60 SECONDS

Big tech break up: Are Silicon Valley companies too big? | IN 60 SECONDS

2018 Inter-Korean Summit: What will happen when North Korea and South Korea meet? | IN 60 SECONDS

Putin's world vision | IN 60 SECONDS

Climate change: What do Americans think? | IN 60 SECONDS

Xi Jinping: China’s would-be emperor | IN 60 SECONDS

2018 teacher strikes explained | IN 60 SECONDS

Sunni v. Shia: Iran's strategy | IN 60 SECONDS

Guaranteed jobs for all Americans? | IN 60 SECONDS

Trade war with China: American opinions | IN 60 SECONDS

Memorial Day | IN 60 SECONDS

Child abuse and predictive risk modeling | IN 60 SECONDS




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