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Jul 10, 2019

Ann Coulter Interview and Article on the Thomas Jefferson Slander and Dennis Prager America: The Greatest Nation on Earth and A Fine Time to Become an American.

  • PragerU- America: The Greatest Nation on Earth
  • PragerU- A Fine Time to Become an American.
  • Ann Coulter Interview and Article on the Thomas Jefferson Slander


Dennis Prager.  America: The Greatest Nation on Earth.


Premiered Jul 3, 2019

Happy 4th of July! This week’s Fireside Chat is all about America. The left wants to push the narrative that America is a racist nation, but the question is raised: If that is true, then why the need to make up racist hoaxes? Dennis also discusses Antifa and the lack of meaning in their lives. • Dennis’s Love For America, Article Referenced: • America’s “Racist” Hoaxes • Most Violent Crimes Are By Single Men • Conservative Motto: Leave Us Alone • Telling Children About Trans Family • This Week’s Five-Minute Video Referenced: 0:00 This Is Really Dennis’s Home 1:21 Do You Like Your Space? 3:06 Dennis’s Pride In Otto 3:39 Happy 4th Of July! 5:30 Dennis’s Love For America 6:07 When Dennis Joined The Rotary Club 8:27 Honor People, Not Race 9:56 Amercia’s “Racist” Hoaxes 11:52 Jews Didn’t Need To Make Up Hoaxes 13:30 Most Violent Crimes Are By Single Men 15:44 When Bad Is Called Good 16:14 The Sounds Of Otto 17:00 Ignorance Is Calling America Bad 18:44 Conservative Motto: Leave Us Alone 20:17 America Has Racism, But Is Not Racist 23:12 Sharing Politics With Leftist Friends 26:47 Telling Children About Trans Family 30:00 Doctor Who Pioneered Trans Surgery 31:01 Transition Surgery Regret 32:35 Name-Calling Isn’t Addressing Issues 33:00 Don’t Forget Weekly PragerU Videos




A Fine Time to Become an American.

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Published on Jul 1, 2019

Renowned Oxford-trained historian Niall Ferguson recounts his recent experience of becoming an American citizen. His unique impressions are both moving and surprising — even to him.

Script: I picked a fine time to become an American. It was a grey, overcast morning in Oakland, California. I was one of 1,094 people of every color and creed, from 85 nations, beginning with Afghanistan and ending with Yemen. We had gathered, anxiously clutching the requisite documents, outside the rather antique Paramount cinema. I wasn’t the only new citizen of European origin, but we were a distinct minority. Rather to my surprise, the Chinese were the most numerous group, accounting for close to a fifth of the new Americans. (How many Americans became Chinese citizens that week?) Next were the Mexicans (more than 150 of them), then the Filipinos, closely followed by the Indians. Yet it was the sheer range of countries represented that was most marvelous. The young man to my right, immaculately dressed in white, was from Eritrea. He had studied computer science in Wales and had initially come to California to work for NASA. I approach any encounter with US bureaucracy weighed down by dread. So I wondered, would this be like the Department of Motor Vehicles, famed for its Soviet-style antagonism to the public? Or would it be more like the implacable, pitiless Internal Revenue Service? In fact, the officials of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services could hardly have been more affable. The master of ceremonies was a genial, balding, bespectacled chap who won his audience over with a virtuoso display of multilingualism, chatting to us in what sounded like pretty fluent Spanish, Chinese, French, Hindi and Tagalog. Yet this was very far from a multicultural occasion. Quite the reverse. To get us in the mood for our impending Americanization, a choir sang a patriotic medley, including a rather baroque setting of the preamble to the constitution, Yankee Doodle, and Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land. Well, that did it! The way that song conjures up vast American landscapes (“From the redwood forest / To the Gulf Stream waters”) always gets me by the throat because, glimpsed in films, such vistas were what first drew me to the United States. Then came the information about our rights and obligations—specifically, our right to vote, our option to obtain a passport and our inextricable link to the Social Security system. (Nothing— rather disappointingly—about the right to bear arms. And not a word about the spiraling federal debt we were all now on the hook for.) For the complete script, visit

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Ann Coulter on The Larry O'Connor Show July 5th

Check out this great collection of Ann Coulter videos at- Fun Size Politics

Published on Jul 5, 2019



Ann Coulter Article on the Thomas Jefferson Slander.  


July 3, 2019

While tearing down everything that’s great about our country, the left has always permitted us to celebrate patriotic holidays. 

But this year, on the week that we commemorate the unveiling of the Declaration of Independence, Nike yanked a Betsy Ross tribute sneaker off the market because the American flag didn’t sit well with Colin Kaepernick. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is telling wild, provable lies about America’s border agents. 

This Fourth of July, let’s look at the tactics used by the left to blacken the reputations of American heroes. To wit, the lie that the principal author of the declaration, Thomas Jefferson, fathered a child with his slave, Sally Hemings. 

The charge was first leveled in 1802 by a muckraking, racist, alcoholic journalist, James Callender, who had served prison time for his particular brand of journalism. He had tried to blackmail Jefferson into appointing him postmaster at Richmond. When that failed, Callender retaliated by publicly accusing Jefferson of fathering the first-born son of Sally Hemings -- or, as the charming Callender described her, “a slut as common as the pavement.” 

No serious historian ever believed Callender’s defamation -- not Dumas Malone, Merrill Peterson, Douglass Adair or John Chester Miller. Not one. Their reasoning was that there was absolutely no evidence to support the theory and plenty to contradict it. 

The Jefferson-Hemings myth
 was revived by feminists trying to elevate the role of women in history. Modern pedagogy requires that no period of our past be taught without turning it into a lecture on racism, sexism or homophobia.

Fawn M. Brodie got the ball rolling with her 1974 book, "Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History," which used Freudian analysis to prove Jefferson kept Hemings as his concubine and fathered all six of her children. 

Brodie’s book was followed by Barbara Chase-Riboud’s 1979 novel "Sally Hemings," a work that imagines Hemings’ interior life. When CBS announced plans to make a miniseries out of the novel, Jefferson scholars exploded, denouncing the project as a preposterous lie. The miniseries was canceled. 

Finally, a female law professor, Annette Gordon-Reed, wrote "Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy," which accused professional historians of racism for refusing to defer to the “oral history” of Hemings’ descendants. 

She said “racism,” so the historians shut up. 

In 1998, a retired pathologist, Dr. Eugene Foster, performed a DNA test on the Y-chromosomes of living male descendants of Sally Hemings, as well as those from Jefferson’s paternal uncle. The Y-chromosome is passed from male to male, so, if the story were true, Hemings’ male descendants ought to have the Y-chromosome of the Jefferson male bloodline. 

What the DNA tests showed was that Hemings’ firstborn son, Tom -- the Tom whose alleged paternity was the basis for Callender’s accusation -- was not related to any Jefferson male. 

Foster’s study did establish that Hemings’ last-born son, Eston, was the son of some Jefferson male, but could not possibly say whether that was Thomas Jefferson or any of the other 25 adult male Jeffersons living in Virginia at the time, eight of them at or near Monticello. 

For Eston to be Jefferson’s son, we have to believe that five years after being falsely accused of fathering a child with Hemings, Jefferson decided, What the heck? I may be president of the United States, but I should prove Callender’s slander true by fathering a child with my slave! No one will notice. 

It would be as if five years after the Duke lacrosse hoax, one of the falsely accused players went out and actually raped a stripper -- in fact, the same stripper. 

Nonetheless, Nature magazine titled its article on the study “Jefferson Fathered Slave’s Last Child.” Hundreds of newspapers rushed to print with the lie, e.g.: 

"Study: Jefferson, Slave Had Baby" -- Associated Press Online, Nov. 1, 1998 

"DNA Study Shows Jefferson Fathered His Slave’s Child" -- Los Angeles Times, Nov. 1, 1998 

"Jefferson Exposed" -- Boston Globe, Nov. 3, 1998 

Two months after these false “findings” had been broadcast from every news outlet where English is spoken, Foster admitted that the DNA had not proved Jefferson fathered any children by Sally Hemings, merely that he could have fathered one child. Only eight newspapers mentioned the retraction. 

The science alone puts the odds of Thomas Jefferson fathering Eston at less than 15% -- less than 4%, if all living Jefferson males are considered, not just the ones at Monticello. 

All other known facts about Jefferson make it far less probable still. 

There are no letters, diaries or records supporting the idea that Jefferson was intimate with Hemings, and quite a bit of written documentation to refute it, including Jefferson’s views on miscegenation and his failure to free Hemings in his will, despite freeing several other slaves. 

In private letters, Jefferson denounced Callender’s claim -- a denial made more credible by his admission to a sexual indiscretion that would have been more shameful at the time: his youthful seduction of a friend’s wife. 

None of the private correspondence from anyone else living at Monticello credited the Hemings rumor, though several pointed to other likely suspects -- specifically Jefferson’s brother, Randolph. 

Eston was born in 1808, when Thomas Jefferson was 64 years old and in his second term as president. His brother Randolph was 52, and Randolph’s five sons were 17 to 24 years old. All of them were frequent visitors at Monticello. 

While Jefferson was busy entertaining international visitors in the main house, Randolph would generally retire to the slave quarters to dance and fiddle. One slave, Isaac Granger Jefferson, described Randolph in his dictated memoirs thus: “Old Master’s brother, Mass Randall, was a mighty simple man: used to come out among black people, play the fiddle and dance half the night.” 

There is not a single account of Thomas Jefferson frequenting slave quarters. Nor did Jefferson take any interest in Hemings’ children. Randolph did, teaching all of Hemings’ sons to play the fiddle. 

Randolph was an unmarried widower when Eston was conceived. After Randolph remarried, Hemings had no more children. 

In response to DNA proof that only one of Hemings’ children was related to any Jefferson male -- and her firstborn son was definitely NOT fathered by any Jefferson -- the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the Monticello Association and the National Genealogical Society promptly announced their official positions: Thomas Jefferson fathered all six of Hemings’ children! Guided tours of Monticello today include the provably false information that Jefferson fathered all of Hemings’ children. 

So now you, at least, know the truth -- not that it matters in the slightest. Happy Fourth of July! 



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