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Sep 8, 2019

Dennis Prager- Making the Ten Commandments, Is our universe just an accident? Faith Crisis: What Do We Do When We Feel Nothing? And How to Face an Addiction to Pornography. ACU Sunday Series.


  • Dennis Prager- Making the Ten Commandments.
  • Is our universe just an accident?
  • Faith Crisis: What Do We Do When We Feel Nothing?
  • How to Face an Addiction to Pornography


Dennis Prager.  Making the Ten Commandments. 

Dennis Prager now sees his task as spreading The Ten Commandments. He used to say it was spread Ethical Monotheism. But now he realizes that’s not enough. He explains why.


Fine Tuning: You Don't Suck!

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Discovery Science

Published on Jun 24, 2019

Is our universe just an accident? Or does it display exquisite evidence of fine-tuning and intelligent design? This episode of Science Uprising investigates claims by scientific atheists like Lawrence Krauss and Bill Nye that our universe is nothing special and that the fine-tuning scientists observe can be explained away by the existence of multiple universes. Be sure to visit to find more videos and explore related articles and books. Featured experts include Bijan Nemati, Principal Research Scientist, University of Alabama, Huntsville, and former long-time researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab; Frank Tipler, Professor of Mathematical Physics, Tulane University, and co-author of The Anthropic Cosmological Principle; and Stephen Meyer, PhD, Director, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute and author, The Return of the God Hypothesis. Check out our other videos: Information Enigma: Where does information come from? Information drives the development of life. But what is the source of that information? Science Uprising Episode 1 - Reality: Real vs. Material Has science proven we are all just matter? Or does reality extend beyond what we can see and touch? Unbelievable Myths Neil deGrasse Tyson and Co. Love to Tell Check out other videos from this playlist: Subscribe to our channel: ============================ Science Uprising Well-known scientists have been preaching a materialistic worldview rather than presenting the public with all the evidence. We are here to change that. The objective scientific evidence does not prove our universe is blind and purposeless. It does not show we are simply meat machines. It does not prove that evolutionary mechanisms can completely account for the diversity of life on earth. This is what THEY want you to think. Think for yourself and make an informed decision. Are you ready? The uprising has begun. Visit the Science Uprising website at to find more videos and explore related articles and books. You can also find out more information about the people interviewed in this episode.



Faith Crisis: What Do We Do When We Feel Nothing?

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Published on Jan 17, 2019

 “Dad, I can’t do it anymore. I’m gay.” Michael Mclean’s son had come out to him. “Dad, I’ve tried to do everything you said. I went on my mission. I was an Eagle Scout. And I don’t know how to get through it.” Michael felt his son’s pain and wanted to support him. So, he turned to God in prayer. Michael had received answers before. He knew they would come, but he felt nothing. It was the first time in his life the heavens felt shut. His prayers couldn’t get past the ceiling. Michael begged God to talk to him. It was challenging the first weeks and months, but as two years passed, Michael questioned, “What if I got it wrong? Is there really a God who hears my prayers?” He asked himself, “Can I keep the promises I’ve made when my heart feels nothing?” Michael got on his knees and prayed, as he had countless times before. While Michael prayed, he said, “I don’t know if You’re hearing this, but I’m going to quit whining and moaning. I’m going to trust You. I’m going to trust that, at some point, You’ll communicate with me, and I won’t feel so lost.” Michael didn’t give up hope, but he stopped trying to make himself feel something. Michael writes songs for a living. After nine years in his faith crisis, he had an extraordinary experience. One day he went into his study. It was as if songs were being downloaded to his mind. He wrote for 10 days and completed 12 songs. Michael’s answers came in those songs. He felt that God had answered him in a way only he could understand. They came directly from God’s heart to his. Michael was overwhelmed by His grace. Have you ever had a crisis of faith? What do you do when you feel like God isn’t speaking to you?

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How to Face an Addiction to Pornography

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Published on Apr 25, 2019

 “I can quit whenever I want.” Steve never thought of himself as an addict. He thought that his problem would eventually go away—maybe when he served a mission for his church, or maybe after he got married. But it didn’t go away. Steve struggled with a lifelong addiction to pornography. He was able to hide his actions and behaviors. But when his addiction led to multiple affairs, he knew his life had to change. His wife felt extremely angry and hurt. She didn’t think that Steve was capable of doing something so painful to her and to their children. Steve felt convinced that there was nowhere to go, nothing to do, and that his life was over. Feeling hopeless, Steve met with the leader of his congregation and told him everything. His leader advised him to seek a professional counselor who dealt with addiction. His leader also suggested that he ask his wife to attend counseling with him. Steve and his wife began attending addiction workshops and a support group for spouses of addicts. If you are struggling with pornography use, get help now. You can find resources at You may also want to consider a recovery support group. See for more information. Spouses and families are also affected by a loved one's pornography use. If you need help, seek information for your own path to healing on Support groups are also available on

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