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Feb 18, 2019

Funny Venezuela Parody and Born Guilty by Jason Köhne


Remy: Better Now? (Post Malone Parody)


Promised an improved way of life, Remy does everything he can to believe in a new ideology–except the math. Written and performed by Remy. Published on Feb 1, 2019.


 Listened to those leaders so intently Those Che Guevara shirts all seemed so trendy Thought that things would be so good and friendly So why'm I eating my neighbor's dog Benji? Twenty million killed, sure, that's stuff I don't like But I could stay on Momma's plan for the rest of my life A guaranteed job digging ditches? Well what's not to like? It's failed miserably each time so trying again seemed wise Now I'm looting, looting, looting, looting Grabbing wieners like I'm Kevin Spacey Told a crowd "we need free markets instead" Now my neck is no longer attached to my head They promised things would all be better now, better now If pure equality was finally found, finally found Now we're all grocery shopping at the pound, at the pound Said that we'd have everything Now we don't have anything Whoa… How much plasma are they gonna take? Before I finally have enough to trade? For toilet paper or a rodent steak? I keep on looking back on better days They promised things would all be better now, better now If free expression it was not allowed, not allowed But I just caught my Roomba texting Mao Said that we'd have everything Now we don't have anything They promised things would all be better now, better now If men with guns took farmers' land and plow, land and plow Now it's another night of Rat Kung Pao, Rat Kung Pao Said that we'd have everything Now we don't have anything They promised things would all be better now, better now If we just nationalized oil in the ground, in the ground Now somehow gasoline can not be found, not be found Said that we'd have everything Now we don't have anything.


How Anti-Whiteness Is Pushed On White Kids - Jason Köhne

Watch the entire interview at-

Red Ice TV

Published on Jan 17, 2019

Jason Köhne began advocating for what he calls “white well-being” when he was eleven years old. Professionally, his most relevant work history was his tenure in the nerve center for the conservative movement in Washington DC. In 2017, he launched his social media presence as No White Guilt, and he is the author of two books:

 Go Free: A Guild to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind, and

Born Guilty: Liable for Compensation Subject to Retaliation.

Jason will discuss ways in which anti-Whiteness is pushed on White children and the long term psychological and emotional effects of it. Guest's websites: No White Guilt on YouTube:

#AntiWhite #Children #WhiteGuilt


Born Guilty: Liable for Compensation Subject to Retaliation

By Jason Köhne

“Prove you aren’t racist!”

What is the long-term psychological and emotional cost
of living in a system that presumes your guilt when you
are not actively proving your innocence? What is the cost
for your children? 

In Born Guilty, Jason Köhne recounts his extraordinary
childhood struggle under the physical and psychological
abuse of a society obsessed with an antiwhite ideology.
From the dusky halls of his private preschool through his
public, suburban junior high school and onward, Köhne’s
rebellion exposes society’s suffocating use of guilt, intimidation,
isolation, and character assassination to break the wills of those
who dare to dissent. 

Haunted by self-doubt and an internal struggle to either join the
herd or object and suffer the consequences, Köhne boldly refused
to compromise his moral values, fighting with his words and
occasionally forced to defend himself with his fists. 

Ingeniously avant-garde and rapidly becoming a folk-classic,
Born Guilty seamlessly melds Köhne’s coming-of-age memoir
with a parallel saga. 

As the face of oppression devours our fragmenting society,
Köhne lights the polestar over your last hope of escape. 

NOTE: This book contains a unique device that requires
—at least—average intelligence to solve. The device is not
an error. Simply note the context and “follow the alphabet.”
If you are unable to meet the "challenge" like everyone else,
you should consider the adage: Better to remain silent and be
thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.


Sources and Acknowledgements

From Red Ice-

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