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Feb 6, 2019

Great Segments from NRA’s Tiger-Dana Loesch.

Watch this great season of well-produced clips from Dana Loesch and the NRA-


The Truth About the Second Amendment

Defending the relevance of the one freedom that guarantees all the others.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Does the Second Amendment mean something different today than it did when our great nation was born? In the premiere episode of The DL, "The Truth About the Second Amendment," Dana Loesch introduces her new NRATV series and is joined by NRA personalities and gun rights advocates to examine the enduring and fundamental meaning of the Second Amendment, despite what you might hear from the mainstream media.


Guns For the Elite, But Not For You

Defending the relevance of the one freedom that guarantees all the others.

Why is it that the most vocal anti-gunners are the same people who have armed body guards or secret service protection? They either have no concept of the threats faced by everyday American citizens—or they just don't care. In the second episode of The DL, Dana Loesch and friends lead the charge against the liberal elites who crusade to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, but hypocritically surround themselves with law enforcement and hired security armed with the very same guns.


Gun Control's Racist History

Exploring the movement's dark roots as a tool of oppression.

Today's gun control advocates tend to paint themselves as concerned with the plight of minorities in America. What they don't want you to know is that their movement originated as an initiative to deprive African-Americans of the means to defend themselves. In this episode of The DL, Dana Loesch is joined by NRA personalities and gun-rights advocates to delve into the deeply racist history of gun control and to explain how it continues to disproportionately affect minority communities.


Why Women Own Guns

Empowered by the Second Amendment

Recent years have seen women flocking to gun stores and training facilities, determined to take their safety into their own hands. In this episode of The DL, "Why Women Own Guns," Dana Loesch is joined by NRA personalities and gun rights advocates to explore how firearms put women on an equal playing field with men in the use of force. You will also learn about gun control measures still in place that continue to disproportionately endanger women by interfering with their right to self-defense.


The LGBT Community Arms Itself

Defenseless victims no more.

Members of the LGBT community are refusing to be defenseless victims in the face of violent hatred. In this episode of The DL, "The LGBT Community Arms Itself," Dana Loesch is joined by NRA personalities and gun rights advocates to examine a new wave of LGBT interest in firearms, especially after the massacre in an Orlando nightclub sent a chilling message about the need for self-defense. Also in this episode, the proprietors of a gun range made a decision to reach out to the LGBT community—and could never have anticipated the level of enthusiasm with which they were met.


A Lifeline In The Collapse Of Law And Order

Protecting yourself when the police can't.

Americans have a hard time realizing how quickly the social order can unravel in the face of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. In this episode, "A Lifeline In The Collapse Of Law And Order," host Dana Loesch examines past catastrophes and wonders whether we are prepared for the next one. When law enforcement is powerless to help you, all that protects you and your family is your Second Amendment right to armed self-defense. Featuring eyewitness accounts of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

The Right-to-Carry Revolution

The quiet renaissance of American gun rights.

Because it has happened below the federal level, most Americans are unaware just how dramatically their legal right to carry firearms has expanded in the past few decades. In this episode, "The Right To Carry Revolution," host Dana Loesch details the history of this quiet yet crucial change in state laws. Starting with Florida's recognition of concealed carry, every state in the union now recognizes some form of legal carry. Now expanding into campus carry and permitless carry, the revolution continues unabated across the nation.


Armed In An Age Of Terrorism

How the Second Amendment strengthens America against its enemies.

Our right to bear arms is more than a safeguard against criminals; it is the only thing that ensures we are prepared to face the threat posed by radical Islamist attackers. In this episode, "Armed In An Age Of Terrorism," host Dana Loesch examines how the Second Amendment makes America uniquely suited to deal with modern threats. Also on the agenda is the question of why anti-gun activists and legislators are so determined to disarm not only our citizens but our troops as well.


Gun Rights On Trial

We must defend the Second Amendment for future generations.

Our right to bear arms is still vulnerable to attack by anti-gun Supreme Court justices. In this episode, "Gun Rights On Trial," host Dana Loesch examines how the Court currently treats our constitutional protections and what it would take to lose them. She also discusses what has happened in other countries around the world when gun rights have been taken away, and whether we could experience such effects in America. We cannot afford to become complacent when it comes to defending the Second Amendment.



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