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Dec 8, 2019

Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution by Michael J. Behe.

From The Eric Metaxas Show.

From a special Socrates in the City, Eric interviews biochemist Michael Behe regarding “the new science about DNA that challenges evolution” as told in Behe’s book, "Darwin Devolves." 


Dec 7, 2019

God’s Hand on America and Ann Coulter Thanksgiving Special.


Dennis Prager talks to his good friend, Michael Medved, historian, best-selling author and radio talk show host. His new book is God’s Hand on America: Divine Providence in the Modern Era. Nov 27, 2019 


Ann Coulter Thanksgiving Special with Lars...

Dec 6, 2019

Women and Children Need to Get off the Left's Titanic, Terror in the Cradle of Liberty and Therapy Counseling – Banned.


  • Women and Children Need to Get off the Left's Titanic
  • Terror in the Cradle of Liberty: How Boston Became a Center for Islamic Extremism.
  • Therapy Counseling – Banned


Women and Children Need to...

Dec 5, 2019

America’s Culture War and How Trump Exposed It—Star Parker | American Thought.

Watch this interview at-

American Thought Leaders - The Epoch Times

According to Star Parker, why is it actually a good thing that President Trump inflames the culture war in America? And how did she turn...

Dec 4, 2019

Mark Levin. Leftist States Defy Federal Law, Should Rightest Counties Defy Leftist States?

Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/26/19
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the concept of sanctuaries has a deep history and it evolved from protecting what is right under the law to rebelling against the letter of the law as we see in...