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Sep 24, 2017

Show 1939 Return of the God Hypothesis - Stephen C. Meyer, PhD

Stephen Meyer (author of Darwin's Doubt) responds to the New Atheists, like Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion), Christopher Hitchens (author of God Is Not Great), Sam Harris (author of Letter to a Christian Nation), and Daniel Dennett (author of...

Sep 23, 2017

North Korean Regime Will Have to Be Destroyed. John Bolton and Gordon Chang 

-John Bolton on President Trumps UN Speech: 'This Was the Best Speech of the Trump Presidency

-Trump’s UN speech resonating with Iran, North Korea: John Bolton

Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton explains why President Donald...

Sep 23, 2017

Show 1938 Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools

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On the major social and political issues of our time, Walter Williams is one of America’s most...

Sep 22, 2017

Show 1937 PBS - The Civil War: Valley of the Shadow of Death (Part 6/9)

For the entire PBS - The Civil War series, visit YouTube at-

Episode Six begins with a biographical comparison of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee and then...

Sep 21, 2017

Show 1936 Bill Whittle. We the People Series, Breaking up Google, Venezuela

Segment 1- Bill Whittle: We The People 2.0

5 videos


Segment 2- Right Angle - Should We Break Up Tech Monopolies? 08/10/17


Published on Aug 11, 2017

Google is huge in...