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Dec 26, 2017

Show 2027 Just Dumb Luck: American Entry into World War II.

This is an encore presentation of ACU Show #136 and is republished here. 

This ACU show consists of an audiobook segment from Americans at War by Stephen E. Ambrose. This book is a collection of fifteen essays. Although many of the pieces in this collection...

Dec 24, 2017

Show 2026 C.S. Lewis Playlist

Man or Rabbit? by CS Lewis   


For many videos from the Complete C.S. Lewis Doodle Playlist visit-

On 'Sexual' Morality by C.S. Lewis Doodle

A live animation of a C.S. Lewis...

Dec 22, 2017

Show 2025 The Weaponization of Women, Digital Unpersoning,  Gender Indoctrination of Small Children.

New Talent Alert- Dave Cullen on the Computing Forever Channel.

This ACU show consists of 5 segments from Dave Cullen on his Computing Forever Channel.

Segment- YouTube: It’s Not Political or Anything…

Dec 21, 2017

Show 2024 Internet Censorship. Paul Joseph Watson Playlist and Sen Ted Cruz

From Paul Joseph Watson YouTube playlist-



"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

Published on...

Dec 20, 2017

Show 2023 Obama's Hezbollah Obstruction and Trump's More Moral Government

Segment 1- From The Armstrong and Getty Show.

Josh Meyer offers up his story about The Obama Administration's handling of Hezbollah.

Article mentioned-

Now, this is presidential obstruction