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Oct 23, 2017

Show 1967 Dennis Prager. Awesome Trump, Authors of Trumps Many Victories The Case Against the Establishment

From the Dennis Prager Show

Segment 1- Trumps many victories. Dennis talks to Roger Kimball, editor and publisher of The New Criterion about the President’s many victories.

Segment 2- The President has done so...

Oct 22, 2017

Show 1966 Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs.

From the Eric Metaxas Show.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, who along with his wife Sarah created Love & Respect Ministries, talks about “the love she most desires, the respect he desperately needs.”

This is the latest installment...

Oct 21, 2017

Show 1965 Ann Coulter- Godless. Abortion chapter 

This is a rebroadcast of our ACU Show 859 as part of our Ann Coulter collection.

From the dust jacket -Many Americans are outraged by liberal hostility to traditional religion. But as Ann Coulter reveals in this, her most explosive audiobook yet, to focus solely on the...

Oct 20, 2017

Show 1964 Explicit. Audiobook Operation Iraqi Freedom Book Excerpt

This excerpt is worthwhile although the entire book is not. The book gradually descends into a hyper critical haranguing of the US military and its leadership. Not recommended by ACU but we spent hours on it so here is at least a portion.

Oct 19, 2017

Show 1963 Part 2  Dead Wrong with Johan Norberg

This ACU show consists of many short videos from Johan Norberg.

To watch the playlist of these videos visit-


From the Free To Choose Network

For their great video archive visit-