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Aug 28, 2009

 Show 442 Richard Land's special guest is William Dembski, research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in

Fort Worth, Texas, and the author of the book, The Design Revolution: Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent Design. Jul 20-21, 2009

For 150 years Darwinism has shaped scientific, academic and popular thinking regarding the complexity of life. That thinking has in many ways shaped our culture. This monolith has stood for so many years like a bastion against faith-seemingly impervious to the challenges of men and women of God. For years Darwinists have refused even to engage people of faith in dialog. Dismissing biblical accounts as mere fantasy, their mantra has been, "Show me the science!” That"s what today's guest is in the business of doing. Dr. Dembski is one of the strong voices in what has come to be known as the Intelligent Design movement. He is with us today to talk about his book, The Design Revolution.

 The intelligent design movement holds the promise to influence and shape our culture as Darwinism crumbles. Let"s commit to pray that as the world begins to recognize intelligence in design, God’s fingerprints in His creation, that will many will be led to a personal encounter with the Designer Himself

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