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Dec 20, 2018

Science Proves It.- Liberals have something wrong upstairs. Conservatives are happier, have more meaning and purpose in life, more satisfied & generous and more physically attractive.

Mark Dice

Published on Nov 28, 2018


This is Just the Beginning.

Mark Dice

Published on Dec 5, 2018


Problem Solved! 😆

Mark Dice

Published on Dec 4, 2018


What a Hero! 😆

Mark Dice

Published on Sep 10, 2018


He Finally Admits It.

Mark Dice

Published on Sep 21, 2018



Why Men Are Refusing To Help Women and Children.

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Tim Pool

Published on Jun 6, 2018

A recent story talked about how a woman being attacked on a subway in London and two men refused to intervene. Is something happening that is making men worried about coming to the aid of others? if so, what is it and will this trend get worse or is it all just blown out of proportion?


The Necessity of Chivalry by C.S. Lewis.

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This is an illustration of a C.S. Lewis essay that was published on the 17th August 1940 during the heat and roar of the Battle of Britain - five days after 'Eagleday' (13 August 1940) – the Nazi Luftwaffe’s operation to destroy the Royal Air Force. It was also just three days before Churchill’s famous “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” speech (20 August 1940) concerning heroic British fighter pilots (some 500+ young fighter pilots had been killed in action up to that point). On the 15 September 1940 the Nazi’s were on the verge of victory but, suffering heavy losses, switched from a strategy of conquest to that of siege of the British Isles. You can find the book here:


Mark Dice

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Tim Pool

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