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Mar 5, 2017

Show 1740 ACU Sunday Series “The Mediator” By Boyd K. Packer

In this talk, a young Boyd K. Packer taught about the atonement using the now-familiar parable of “The Mediator.”

Notable quotes: “Both [justice and mercy], it seemed, could not be served. They are two eternal ideals that appear to contradict one another. Is there no way for justice to be fully served, and mercy also? There is a way! The law of justice can be fully satisfied and mercy can be fully extended—but it takes someone else. …

Unless there is a mediator, unless we have a friend, the full weight of justice untempered, unsympathetic, must, positively must fall on us. The full recompense for every transgression, however minor or however deep, will be exacted from us to the uttermost farthing.

But know this: Truth, glorious truth, proclaims there is such a Mediator.”

When: April 1977 General Conference

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