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Apr 15, 2011

Show 713 This is an ACU audio version of the Ann Coulter interview on the Canadian Michael Coren Show.  

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Ann Coulter makes some excellent points on the Coren Show, concerning the recent scandal regarding her invitation to speak at Ottawa University. As it turns out leftist thugs managed to silence her.

Sad to see Canada continuing down the path of democratic disintegration. - Once again conservatives are being persecuted harassed and threatened. People like Coulter who still express the Christian values upon which Canada was founded, is not allowed to make her points.

I also find it interesting to consider the fact that canadians simply arenĀ“t allowed tohear one of the most influential conservative voices of our time. An author of numerous new-york times best-sellers and popular pundit appearing together with more tolerant leftists such as say Whoopie Goldberg, is considered too radical for the canadian public, and is actively trying to be prevented from speaking, by university officials inciting hatred against her publicly.




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