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Dec 9, 2017

Show 2013 Audiobook Part 1 of 2 Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand

This Audiobook selection consists of Chapters 1-3.

Thanks to the YouTube channel Red Air for this selection.


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From the YouTube channel, Red Air-

_____ My own thoughts_____

I read this book and loved it. Some extremely important and interesting information about Marx, Marxist leaders, the crimes of the Marxist communist bloc officials, and the dogma of Marxists that is never taught; including to people who studied Marx and Marxism via the subjects of History, Politics and Philosophy in school and all the way up to university level, like myself. The interesting thing is how little of it is obscure, and was right under our noses. Marx and Engels' initial worship of Christ was not such a revelation, though the depth of their feeling and faith instanced in poetry was entirely beyond my attention, as was the extent of Marx's character flaws and sadism. The claim of Engels' deathbed repentance and call for mercy is also not mentioned in mainstream acadaemia...

For my own tastes certain chapters are far better than others. The first 6 are absolutely crucial. A relatively short book of 133 pages, I'd estimate the amount of fluff to be at less than 20 pages. It is written from a particularly traditional 20th Century Christian point of view but this should not detract from the quality of information found therein.

His criticisms of the Catholic church's collusion with Marxism firmly exonerates Wurmbrand of mere one-sided religious bias.

Wurmbrand also charitably distinguishes between positive and negative zionisms, a distinction that many, including myself, may deny. However, within these very same pages he clearly links the founder of modern Zionism and the modern German Social Democrat Party, Moses Hess, with Marx's turn to revolutionary Socialism, establishing a shared causal tributary between the three movements. This is not an insignificant or trivial accusation for any Zionist or German Social Democrat to explain or deal with; or indeed any Marxist, given that they tend at least in the west towards anti-Zionism.

I was surprised at how well-balanced this book was. I did not expect such concise and incisive treatment of the matter from the Christian standpoint and I still look at this book often. Surely it deserves a reprint in this modern day.