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Nov 8, 2010

 Show 633 Dennis Prager talks to Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. His new book is Politics - According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture. Tuesday, November 02, 2010 Radio Show


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five and a half years ago


five and a half years ago

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"It felt pretty good," he said. "Obviously, I wish we could have played better as a team. But the shoulder felt good, so that was definitely a plus."
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Much like the lack of low-post scoring, the team s rebounding was another area of need that was not quite addressed. Last season the Clippers finished 17th in total rebounding (via NBAm).
[url=][b]nfl cheap nike jerseys[/b][/url] ''I think Mike is ahead right now. I think Nick made it very difficult,'' Kelly said. ''It wasn't where one guy went north and the other guy went south. I think both of them upped their games.

After years of inexcusable leadership from both former owners and personnel executives, names I wont bother to release so as to prevent their Google update alarms from happily setting off, the Sacramento Kings have a new owner, a new general manager, and a new head coach. Soon they will begin work on a new arena. This is fantastic news for a fan base that has suffered too much over the last seven years, a run that rendered the teams 2000-2007 run of fabulousness far too close to serving as a quarter-length aberration some 28 years after the team moved to Sacramento.[url=][b]17 nfl jerseys[/b][/url] Houston was a markedly different team with Asik off the floor last year, because due to his long and fluid defensive presence the Rockets dipped from an above average defensive team with him in the lineup (think of his teammates, and their shortcomings) to a miserable defensive team with him off the floor. The Rockets really havent done much this summer to offset those defensive issues, and because Howard is right at Asiks level on that end of the court, the only real upgrade defensively is the fact that a replacement-level defender at center is now being replaced by Omer Asik.

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five and a half years ago

Of course, I might be wrong. We'll see over the next two years, after Christie cruises to re-election. But we already know that Christie has been a moderate, and we have good reasons to expect that he will remain so.Join the conversation about this story See Also:CORRECTED: GOP CHIEF: Mitt Romney's 'Self-Deportation' Quote Was 'Horrific'Republicans Just Passed A Resolution To Boycott CNN And NBC Over Hillary ClintonChris Christie Took A Huge Shot At Bobby Jindal, And Told A Crowd Of Republicans Why He Should Be Their 2016 Nominee
[url=][b]where can i buy cheap nfl jerseys[/b][/url] NEW YORK Zack Wheeler once again zeroed in on the Atlanta Braves.The Mets rookie beat the NL East leaders for the third time, pitching shutout ball into the seventh inning and sending New York past Atlanta 5-3 Tuesday night."I feel pretty comfortable against them," he said. "Not to bash them, but it was a pretty easy game plan."Wheeler improved to 3-0 with a 2.89 ERA against the team with the best record in the majors. He is the only pitcher with three wins over the Braves this year there are just four teams that have beaten Atlanta more often this season.Wheeler (6-2), raised in the Atlanta suburbs, defeated the Braves at Turner Field with six shutout innings in his big league debut in June, then topped them at Citi Field in July.Now, another victory. All that success against the team he grew up watching is nice for him, he said, but "not so much for our friends back home."Marlon Byrd and Ike Davis homered and speedy Eric Young Jr. sparked the Mets, stealing two bases, scoring twice and making a diving catch in left field.Mets rookie catcher Travis d'Arnaud doubled for his first hit in the majors, ending an 0-for-10 rut."It was definitely weighing on me a little bit," he saidming off a 12-strikeout performance at San Diego, the 23-year-old Wheeler came out zinging fastballs in the upper 90s mph. The righty was one strike away from throwing seven scoreless innings instead, he left with the bases loaded and two outs, and reliever Carlos Torres gave up Andrelton Simmons' three-run double.Wheeler allowed six hits, struck out five and walked three. He drew a nice ovation when manager Terry Collins pulled him, and walked to the dugout with his head down."I wasn't sure he was going to give me the ball," Collins said. "It was going to be a wrestling match."Byrd's two-run homer capped a three-run burst in the sixth off Brandon Beachy (2-1), who was making his fifth start since having Tommy John surgery 14 months ago. The Braves had won his previous outings."I thought he did fine, I really did," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "Just that one inning, gave up three runs."Wheeler briskly trotted toward the mound to begin the seventh with a 4-0 lead. He quickly retired the first two batters before Paul Janish doubled and pinch-hitter Joey Terdoslavich walked. Wheeler got ahead of Jason Heyward at 1-2, but wound up walking him to load the basesllins signaled for Torres, and soon the game nearly was tied. Simmons cleared the bases with his double into the left-field corner and kept going to third when shortstop Omar Quintanilla sailed his relay home.Torres backed up the play and caught the errant toss in the air, yet almost cost himself with a wild toss toward third that second baseman David Murphy alertly tracked down.Reliever Scott Rice retired Freddie Freeman on a fly ball to protect the 4-3 lead. LaTroy Hawkins pitched the ninth for his fifth save.Byrd hit his career-best 21st homer and second in two days. Davis added an insurance run in the eighth with a drive into the top rows of the upper deck in right."I'm just glad I can come out and help the team. Hit big homers, not just like selfish homers, ninth inning, down by 10. Getting home runs that help the team win," Byrd said.Young reached on Simmons' throwing error from shortstop to lead off the first, stole second and scored on Davis' two-out single. Young beat out a clever push bunt toward Simmons to start the sixth and stole his career-high 28th base.NOTES: Heyward made a sparkling catch in right-center, diving onto the warning track to rob Juan Lagares of extra bases. ... Mets rookie C Travis d'Arnaud. ... Atlanta LF Justin Upton was a late scratch. He said he felt stiffness around his neck. Evan Gattis took Upton's place. ... Braves LHP Paul Maholm (bruised left wrist) is set to come off the DL and start Thursday night at St. Louis. ... Braves LHP Alex Wood (2-2, 2.61) starts Wednesday vs. Mets LHP Jonathon Niese (5-6, 4.25). ... Torres is still scheduled to start Friday night at home against Detroit. ... Mets All-Star 3B David Wright (strained right hamstring) says he's still optimistic about playing again this season. He said it would be important "to get back out there and try to finish up strong." There's no set timetable for his rehab. ... The Mets are 8-7 against Atlanta this year. ... Mets closer Bobby Parnell (herniated disk in neck) will undergo therapy and strengthening, and go back to doctor next week. He hasn't pitched since July and said surgery remains an option. An operation would require four to five months of recovery time, which would get him back for spring training.

Pictorial: Michael Vick celebrates winning the starting QB job - Jimmy Kempski, PhillymHigh quality journalism.[url=][b]cheap youth nike nfl jerseys[/b][/url] NEW YORK (AP) The New York Mets are the latest team to take a chance on Daisuke Matsuzaka.The Mets signed the Japanese right-hander to a one-year contract on Thursday and plan to start him in the opener of a weekend series against the Detroit Tigers.The 32-year-old Matsuzaka was released by Cleveland on Tuesday at his request. He had spent the entire season at Triple-A Columbus after failing to win a spot in Cleveland's rotation during spring training.After working through early season injuries, Matsuzaka had pitched well in recent weeks, going 4-4 with a 3.56 ERA and 54 strikeouts in 10 starts for the Clippers since July 2. He was 5-8 with a 3.92 ERA in 19 minor league starts overall.The game agains

five and a half years ago

And, of course, it saw the massive overhaul of the schedules as the 11-Game season goes into effect for two years.

He grabbed a cat carrier from his apartment, lined the bottom with [b][URL=]nfl games[/URL][/b] t-Shirts, and prepared to embark on the trek to a rescue facility, nearly two miles away from his flatbush home, where he delivered the kittens unharmed.
He is 3-0 with a 1.52 ERA [b][URL=]nba free agency[/URL][/b] and 37 strikeouts in three starts in Houston this season, and is 4-1 with a 1.31 ERA and 50 strikeouts in five starts since returning from the disabled list.
Robinson said the deal administration did not have a comparison of the two financing approaches.He said the feds"Could just keep providing our(Uncompensated care)Payments. "Sebelius said she's not spending energy trying to convince governors to change their positions.She said pressure is more [b][URL=]National Football League[/URL][/b] effective coming from a state's hospitals, medical professionals, local chambers and citizens.

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Stanton leads marlins past braves 6-2.Stanton was also pleased that he walked in his next three at-Bats, laying off tempting pitches that he had been flailing at of late. "They threw some good pitches at me, and i took,"He said. "So it was a good day.
"Placido polanco added three hits and three rbis.Jacob turner(3-1)Allowed four hits and two runs in seven innings, and steve cishek allowed two singles in the ninth to complete a six-Hitter.The braves won two of three games in the series but missed a chance for their first road sweep since april 12-14 at Washington. "It was a tough day,"Said maholm(9-8).

"Obviously we would have liked to have gotten the sweep, but we won the series. "Miami improved to 3-12 against the Braves at Marlins Park since it opened in 2012.With thousands of youngsters in the stands on camp day, the announced attendance was 23, 921-The marlins' largest home crowd since april 27.Miami is last in the major leagues in attendance.

Atlanta came into the game with a 1.87 ERA this season against the Marlins, but Miami batted around in the first inning. "We needed that,"Manager mike redmond said. "We needed to jump out to a quick start and settle everyone down, especially jacob, and gives ourselves a little room to breathe.

"Stanton showed the impact his bat can make with a line drive that reached the wall on one hop for a 2-0 lead. "That ball was a laser beam, and he had great at-Bats after that.That's a great sign,"Redmond said. "He's such a big presence in that lineup.

You can see how in situations they start pitching around him, but when he stays in the zone and handles the pitches he knows he's capable of handling, he [b][URL=]custom nfl jerseys cheap[/URL][/b] can dominate a game. "Last year's nl slugging leader has had a subpar first half of the season, in part because he missed 36 games with a strained right hamstring.He's batting only.246 with eight homers and 24 RBIs, and the Marlins have the NL's worst record.

Stanton has tried to temper his frustration. "I'm kind of taking a little different approach,"He said. "Before, i would just get furious, but then i feel like i'm a bad teammate, and i don't want to have that influence.You can get mad every once in a while, with how much of a failure sport this is, but it's how you handle it.

Get mad for a few minutes, and then leave it. "Stanton's double came on a changeup.He scored on a double by polanco, and jeff mathis added a two-Out rbi single. "Obviously in the first inning i wasn't in rhythm,"Maholm said.

"But stanton is the only one that hit the ball hard, and it wasn't even supposed to be a strike. "Maholm gave up no runs after the first but lasted only 4 1-3 innings, throwing 103 pitches.Three times this year he has failed to pitch five innings.Poor base-Running hurt atlanta in the second inning.

Dan uggla doubled home a run, then was thrown out trying to go from second to third when a pitch rolled away from catcher mathis.B.J. Upton reached first on the playBecause the pitch was strike three,But he was promptly picked offBy Turnereddie Freeman, contending for the final spot on the NL All-Star team, doubled in the sixth and scored on ChrisJohnson's groundout to make the score 4-2. [b][URL=]wholesale nfl nike jerseys[/URL][/b]

But that's all the braves could muster against turner, who improved to 4-0 in his past six home starts with an ERA of 1.41.Notes:Before the game, braves c evan gattis(Strained right oblique)Took batting practice for the first time since going on the disabled list june 18.

Umpire dan iassogna began wearing a cast this week on his right forearm after an x-Ray revealed a broken wrist.He was hurt working behind the plate at a game june 29, but the severity of the injury wasn't determined until after monday's marlins-Braves game, when he was again the plate umpire and he was throwing balls underhand to the pitcher because of the pain.The marlins' adeiny hechavarria singled in the fifth to extend his hitting streak to 10 games, matching his career high.

.With his first career triple, turner raised his lifetime batting average from.034 to.067.

.Johnson had two hits [b][URL=]cheap youth nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] and is batting.432(16 for 37)Against the marlins this year.

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Flyers' fred shero 'way ahead of his time'.Bill barber remembers sitting at his locker at the spectrum and glancing up to see that his coach had scribbled down another message on the dressing-Room chalkboard.The flyers were 20 minutes away from putting away the boston bruins to win their first stanley cup on may 19, 1974, when fred shero, channeling his inner motivational tactics, famously wrote, “win today and we walk together forever.”“That’s something that was never forgotten, ” said Barber, a Flyers great during and after the Shero years.
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Today, 39 years later, it means as much to people as it did then.”Motivating was just part of the greatness of Shero, who on Tuesday was finally voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, 23 years after his death at age 65.“Way ahead of his time, ” Barber said of Shero.Besides coaching the flyers’ broad street bully teams to the franchise’s only two stanley cups in the 1970s, shero is known as one of the sports great innovators.

A canadian native from winnipeg and the son of russian immigrants, shero visited the soviet union during his 13 seasons as a minor league coach.While there, he studied how soviet hockey teams dominating the winter olympics were run.He soon became credited as the first nhl coach to hire assistants and the first to study video.He initiated the morning skate and became the first to get players on offseason training programs.

“Before Freddy came along, guys came to training camp to get in shape,” said Jim Watson, an All-Star defenseman on the flyers’ cup teams.“Freddy started giving us programs to do at home in the summer and hired a guy to do our strength training.Before anyone, we were doing things like pulling resistance ropes across the ice to build up our leg strength, things that led to becoming a better hockey player.”(Page 2 of 2)Nicknamed freddy the fog, shero coached the flyers to a 308-151-95 record for seven seasons from 1971-78, missing the playoffs in his first but winning Cups in his third and fourth.

Shero coached the rangers for two seasons plus 20 games before resigning in november 1980, his 1978-79 team making the Cup final.He rejoined the flyers as a community relations adviser in 1990, the year he died following a six-Year battle with stomach cancer.During a nov.11 induction ceremony, Shero [b][URL=http://]cheap nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] will become the fourth Broad Street Bully to enter the Hall, joining Bob Clarke, Barber and Parent.

Shero was voted in by an 18-Person selection committee that met tuesday in toronto.He was among three players and two innovators named to a 2013 hall of fame class that includes defensemen chris chelios and scott niedermayer, right winger brendan shanahan and womenÂ’s coach geraldine heaney.Among those passed over were two nhl greats who played for the flyers:Eric lindros and jeremy roenick.But shero getting in made it a joyous day for the franchise.

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ST. LOUIS The St. Louis Rams addressed perhaps their neediest position in the third round of the NFL draft, selecting Southern California safety T.J. McDonald. Then they added another wide receiver from West Virginia, one even more prolific than first-rounder Tavon Austin. "We're going to lobby with the league to see if we can play with more than one ball," coach Jeff Fisher said Friday night. "We're going to need more than one ball."

[url=][b]discount sports jerseys[/b][/url] One time, before we played the Redskins, he put plane tickets in my locker. [New Orleans Saints linebacker] Pat Swilling had a great game against Washington the week before, and he said, "Go down to New Orleans and trade helmets with Pat Swilling." That just got me riled up and made me want to kick the s--- out of them. After the game, he came up to me and said, "You know, you played well." There was nothing better than when he'd put his arm around you and say you played a hell of a game.

But the two big concerns from 2011 remain the two big concerns in 2012. The Lions dont have a good running game and they dont have a good secondary. Martin Mayhew can sign as many players as he wants off the waiver wire. Thats good for depth. But thats not good enough to stop passing games like Green Bay, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta. The Lions will get in some shootouts. And theyll win some shootouts too. But thats not a solid formula for winning double-digit games in the playoffs and its clearly not a formula for winning in January. As for the running game, even with a healthy (non-suspended) Mikel Leshoure, I still dont think this offensive line is built to bang out consistent yards for anybody running the ball.

[url=][b]nfl youth jerseys[/b][/url] Jamie Samuelsen, the sports director for the morning show on WCSX-FM (94.7), blogs for freepm. His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the Detroit Free Press nor its writers. You can reach him at jamsam22@gmailm, follow him on Twitter @jamiesamuelsen and read more of his opinions at freepm/jamie.The Lions throttled the Broncos on Sunday. Do you think Detroit has righted the ship or was this just a matter of the Lions running into a bad team?Im not a big sports gambler. Occasionally Ill make the odd lunch bet here or $10 bet there. But I avoid the heavy point spread wagering that helps make the NFL the goliath that it is.There are a lot of reasons for this (my amazing lack of football acumen being one of them). But the biggest reason is that the Las Vegas oddsmakers really know what theyre doing. Look at the Stanford/USC game from Saturday night. The Cardinal was favored by 7 1/2 or 8, depending on where you looked. They won the game in three overtimes by 8 points. Pretty good. Well, the oddsmakers missed the Lions game on Sunday. And they missed it pretty badly.Its impossible to know what they were thinking when they set the line at 2 1/2 or 3. I sincerely doubt they bought into Tim Tebow-mania. The line tends to avoid hype. They probably didnt know how effective Matthew Stafford was going to be on a sprained ankle, and they probably had some doubts about the Lions.After 10 years of bad football, they may have wondered if the 5-0 start was a mirage and the two-game losing streak was reality.Well, wonder no more. This 6-2 team is a legit 6-2.Sure, they had ridiculous comebacks against the Vikings and the Cowboys. But they also beat all the teams on the schedule that they were supposed to beat, and did so rather easily. They dismantled the Chiefs. They controlled the Buccaneers. And they outlasted the Bears. Sunday they demolished the Broncos in every phase of the game.Yes, the Broncos are a bad, bad football team. But sometimes bad football teams win (the Rams beat the Saints on Sunday). The important lesson from the game is that good football teams take care of bad football teams. That win was far more about the Lions than it was about the Broncos.Its been pointed out that the 2007 Lions started the season 6-2 as well and their sixth win came in dominating fashion over the Broncos. Interesting parallel. But the coincidences end there. That team was blown out by the Eagles and the Redskins on the road. They had the win over the Vikings that quarterback Jon Kitna termed a miracle. And they technically had a starting quarterback named Jon Kitna.We do

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Nielsen followed up "Airplane!" with addition cool role delivered with deadpan confidence as Frank Drebin in the "Police Squad!"
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