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Apr 1, 2013

Show  964 Book- Talking With Pagans   The Great God Debates from the Hugh Hewitt Show

Michael Medved talks to Hugh Hewitt author of Talking with Pagans: The Great God Debates.

Book Description- The debate over God's existence has been underway since the book of Job was written down. In recent years, the "new atheists" arrived on the media scene to add a measure of sarcasm and evolutionary biology to the mix of arguments against God. Defenders of God rose to the task and a series of debates between the camps ensued.

Some of the best, most vigorous, and most pointed of those occurred on Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show and were heard by millions. Hugh himself debated Richard Dawkins on the radio, and Sam Harris on television. Hewitt's frequent and welcome guest Christopher Hitchens went at it with Dr. Mark D. Roberts and Dr. David Allen White in two epic showdowns totaling five hours which Hugh moderated. Other prominent atheists or agnostics mixed it up with other prominent Christian apologists.

Now all of those key debates are gathered in one place, along with an introduction from Hugh and a study guide useful to understanding the arguments deployed and the stakes involved.

The book sparkles with wit and soars to very great heights of theology while also hitting the very serious divides between believers and those who are not yet in that camp.

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