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May 17, 2018

Show 3056 Brittany Hughes with MRCT

Ask For Consent Before Changing Babies' Diapers, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman’s assaults, Sanctuary Cities, Two Black Men Arrested In Starbucks?, The Left ‘Marched For Science’, London’s ‘Knife Control’, This Is Not a Joke, a Disney Princesss’ Abortion, Generation Tide Pod, If you’re for Banning Guns To Save Kids But Still Support Abortion, You’re a Liar.


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PEAK CRAZY: 'Sexuality Expert' Says Parents Should Ask For Consent Before Changing Babies' Diapers

Who in the world would insert sexuality into changing a baby's diaper? Bat-crap crazy leftists. That's who.


The Left’s Silence On Eric Schneiderman Is Deafening – and Wildly Hypocritical

Now-former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman left office with his tail between his legs this week after several women came forward and accused him of assault. And that was just a little shocking. What’s not shocking? The fact that all those liberals who used to hail him as a hero of the Trump “resistance” are now falling all over themselves to pretend like they weren’t worshipping him just last week. Published on May 9, 2018


When Sanctuary Cities Harbor Illegal Aliens, Check Out Who They’re Protecting

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been pulling off raids right and left and sideways in sanctuary cities across America, where violent illegal aliens are protected by leftist politicians with your money. And you won’t believe who they’ve caught. You know actually, on second thought, you might. Published on Apr 27, 2018



Over the weekend, two celebrities were dragged over the coals of petty liberal outrage for expressing support for Trump or posing for a funny photo involving a gun. So they apologized. All because some social justice warriors got their panties in a twist.

Here’s a thought. Stop apologizing to crazy liberals. Published on Apr 23, 2018


Two Black Men Arrested In Starbucks? OUTRAGE! Two Cops Shot Inside a Diner? Silence.

Two black men are hauled out of a Starbucks for loitering and refusing to leave, and it triggers instant outage, a national boycott, hundreds of headlines and news segments, and angry people stomping through the street and clogging up coffee stores.

That same week, two police officers are shot to death at point blank range while sitting at a diner, and no one says a word.

How screwed up is that? Published on Apr 20, 2018


The Left ‘Marched For Science’ Over the Weekend – So Let’s Talk a Little Science

Progressives held a March for Science over the weekend, demanding America start basing its policy on empirical evidence, not partisan rhetoric or emotion.

Unsurprisingly, the topics of gender, abortion, and climate change weren't addressed. Published on Apr 16, 2018


While the Media Drools Over Comey’s Petty Book About Trump, Here's What They Didn't Mention

James Comey’s out with details from his new book all about Donald Trump and the media is eating it up like it’s their last meal before an execution.

Because apparently a disgruntled ex-fed throwing a hissy fit is more important than reporting actual news. Published on Apr 13, 2018


Forget Guns – London’s Now Pushing ‘Knife Control.’ This Is Not a Joke.

You know last week when I asked if London was going to ban knives because of all the stabbings in their city? Yeah, I was joking. But apparently, the government across the pond has lost what’s left of their minds, because now, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Published on Apr 9, 2018


While Europe Lectures America on Guns, London’s Murder Rate Is Topping NYC’s…Because of STABBINGS

Wait, hold the phone: you mean that London mayor Sadiq Khan’s perfect, all-inclusive, gun-free bastion of uber-European progressivism isn’t working out?

Who'd have thought...   Published on Apr 3, 2018


Planned Parenthood Says We Need a Disney Princess Who’s Had an Abortion. Shocked? Why?

Planned Parenthood is a ruthless business, not a "compassionate" health care provider. They demand this propaganda because their bottom line depends on indoctrinating young girls into believing that abortion/infanticide is the only thing that can "save" them should they get pregnant. Published on Mar 29, 2018


Generation Tide Pod May Be the First To Protest AGAINST Their Own Rights

When gun-grabbers ask, "Is freedom more important than security," we say, "Uh, duh!" Some of these kids must be sleeping through history class because they seem to be very ignorant of what it is they are actually asking for. Published on Mar 26, 2018


What If Parkland Kids Cared More About Saving Lives Than Getting On TV?

David Hogg tweeted a video of himself saying, "What if our politicians weren't the bitch of the NRA?" Well, I have a few "what-if" questions for you, David. Here comes your Reality Check. Published on Mar 20, 2018


If You’re For Banning Guns To Save Kids But Still Support Abortion, You’re a Liar

If you want to ban guns to save the lives of children, but you are perfectly fine with a woman aborting her own unborn baby, you are a liar. You are a hypocrite. You do not care about children, you care about politics. Published on Feb 26, 2018



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