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Jun 7, 2016

Show 1524 Civilization- Is the West History   Part 3 of 3


Episode 5 of the six part series-

Consumerism: This part illustrates how the world today is becoming more homogenous and, with increasingly few exceptions, big-name brands dominate main streets, high streets and shopping malls all over the globe 


Episode 6 of the six part series-

Work: The sixth element that enabled the West to dominate the rest was the work ethic, which extolled the spirit of Capitalism by working hard, saving, and accumulating capital.


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Contra Mundum
almost three years ago

A very shallow examination with intermittent anti-Western propaganda. To me the climax was the argument that blue jeans and rock music toppled Soviet Russia on the one hand. On the other hand the argument that banning Burkas is just a sign of insecurity. Self-contradiction seems to be in vogue these days.