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May 20, 2013

Show 980 Coolidge by Amity Shlaes

Michael Medved talks to author Amity Shlaes on her new book Coolidge.

Overview of the book-

Calvin Coolidge never rated highly in polls, and history has remembered the decade in which he served as an extravagant period predating the Great Depression. Now Amity Shlaes provides a fresh look at the 1920s and our elusive thirtieth president. Coolidge reveals a triumphant period in which the nation electrified, Americans drove their first cars, and the federal deficit was replaced with a surplus—and the little-known man behind it.


Though dismissed as quiet and passive, Coolidge proved unafraid to take on the divisive issues of this crucial period: reining in public-sector unions, unrelentingly curtailing spending, and rejecting funding for new interest groups. Perhaps more than any other president, he understood that doing less could yield more, reducing the federal budget even as the economy grew, wages rose, taxes fell, and unemployment dropped.

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