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Jan 19, 2016

Show 1618 Dennis Prager Deconstructs Obamas State of the Union


Segment 1- Dennis Prager deconstructs the President’s State of the Union address, his last… The President posed “four big questions.” Dennis has some questions for the President.

Segment 2- Dennis continues to analyze the President’s State of the Union address… The President wants spend as much money on cancer research as he does on addressing global warming. Is that what the American people want? Subsidies for Tesla or cancer research? Which would you choose?

Segment 3- More speech analysis… Istanbul bomber came into the country as a Syrian refugee. He was vetted, finger printed and cleared… What lesson do you draw from Viet Nam and Iraq? The Left and Right draw completely different ones… A mom makes her son watch PragerU courses before he can play video games. Maybe she’ll start a movement!


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