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Sep 14, 2017

Show 1929 Dennis Prager. Women in the Special Forces, Iraq Won and Lost, Marranos, Atheists and Meaningless

This ACU show consists of 4 segments from the Dennis Prager Show. The Dennis Prager Show is highly recommended by ACU. See Prager info below.

Segment 1- American Marranos. Conservatives are afraid to publicly announce their support for Donald Trump… Dennis was on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. His theme was that the left doesn’t evil, it fights statues.

Segment 2- Atheists and Meaningless

A new book reviewed in the Wall Street Journal admits that for the atheist life is meaningless… Dennis talks to Lanhee Chen, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution; Director of Domestic Policy Studies and Lecturer in the Public Policy Program at Stanford University. He teaches the newest PragerU course, “Why Is Health Insurance so Complicated?”

Segment 3- Prager women in the special forces

 Dennis talks to Michael Fumento, investigative journalist about women in the special forces and why this both a bad idea and a non-starter. Hint: men and women are different.

Segment 4-  How Iraq Was Won and Lost

Dennis talks to Pete Hegseth, Fox News contributor and Iraq War veteran. He teaches the newest video from PragerU – How Iraq Was Won and Lost.


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