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Dec 14, 2017

Show 2017 Dick Morris Reports part 1

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VERY Good Judge Named To Handle Flynn Sentencing!

The Last Time The FIB Tried To Overthrow A President!

G-Men Gone Rogue!

The Real Scandal: Russian Uranium!

Mueller Creating A Crime To Indict!

Woodrow Wilson, Mentally Impaired But Continued To Serve As President! 

Democrat’s Deficit Hypocrisy!

Chinese Suing McAuliffe & Hillary’s Brother For Fraud! 

Are Democrats & Media Attempting A 25th Amendment Coup Against Trump?

Senior Congressional Staff Can get Student Loans Repaid by Tax payers!

Another Obama Nuclear Giveaway to Russia: Port Canaveral!

The Criminal Justice System Is NOT Racist!

Fusion Paid Journalists- Bribes?

Mueller Covered up Clinton Selling Uranium to Russia

The Changing Ideology Of The Democratic Party!

Trump’s Historic Triangulation!


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