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Nov 18, 2015

Show 1374 Documentary- Atomic Jihad   Ahmadinejad's Coming War For Islamic Revival And Obama's Politics. 2010.  Director: Joel Gilbert

 This is ACUs audio version of the video documentary. 

Overview of the film-

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert weighs President Barack Obama's pledge to make peace with the Muslim world against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's quest to spark a global Muslim revival that seeks to impose Sharia law on a global scale. At the time of the Islamic Revolution, Muslim society had been in a state of decline for nearly three centuries. For President Ahmadinejad, Islam represents the path of purity, peace, and justice as opposed to the Western path of greed, oppression, and hypocrisy. When President Obama came into office with the pledge of building "a new beginning with the Muslim world" and vowing to use diplomacy to settle our disagreements with Iran, skeptics argued that Islam wasn't simply in conflict with Western secular society, but in fact stood in direct opposition to it. Could it be that by attempting to appease Iran by enacting change in American foreign policy in the Middle East, President Obama is actually setting his own country up for defeat? In this documentary, director Gilbert encourages the viewer to consider which threat is worse - the enemy who seeks to bring us down, or the enemy within.


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