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Dec 15, 2016

Show 1673 Dr Laura Schlessinger video blog part 1


Dr. Laura, America's #1 Relationship Talk Radio Host

On SiriusXM Stars Channel 109



Dr. Laura Schlessinger is highly recommended by ACU.


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This selection consist of-

Raising Children with Religion

Dr. Laura answers the question, "Can you raise moral and ethical children without God and without religion?"


Children In Pain

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, radio talk show host, responds to the question, "What is the most difficult call you have ever had?" It's not a specific call, but a type of call, which she gets every day... from a child...


Judging Others Is Not Competing with God

Tricia keeps hearing from friends that it is not right to judge other people -- only God can do that. Dr. Laura clarifies the instances when God is the judge and when we are -- or should be.


Love 'Em, Then Leave 'Em

Elise and her boyfriend are arguing if men have a responsibility for women's feelings getting hurt from casual sex.


My 13 Year Old Wants to Date

Shelby's 13 year old would like to go the movies with a boy, but she's reluctant to say yes. How old should kids be to date?


And many more topics.


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