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May 23, 2017

Show 1815 History of the Democratic Party The Four Part Series by Glenn Beck

History of the Democratic Party: Part I

Progressives are masters of language manipulation and have always found a way to turn the narrative in their favor. Somehow the party who had deep roots in slavery managed to turn the tables and rebrand the Republicans as the Racists, a problem that plagues the party to this day. Join Glenn in this serial as he revisits the true history of the Democratic party and corrects the record.

History of the Democratic Party: Part II

Over the past 200 years, Democrats as an institution — not the average member — evolved from overt to covert racism. The tactics they used to control minorities just changed. They shifted from actual slavery on the cotton plantations, to making sure blacks stayed on the plantation of government assistance. However, listen to today’s Democrats, and much of their supportive media. The Democrats are positioned as the keepers of the flame of liberty, the ferocious fighters in defense of the underdog.  But honestly, if you look at the facts, nothing could be further from the truth.

History of the Democratic Party: Part III

The Democrat party has indeed been a diverse party. A party who persecuted citizens of Native American, African-American, Asian-American, and German American decent. They certainly love to hear from people with all kinds of views and backgrounds, just as long as you’re in lockstep with the prevailing elites of the party. After all, they are Democrats.

History of the Democratic Party: Part IV

The real legacy of the Democrat Party is one of slavery, hypocrisy and lies. The party today has moved so far left that John F. Kennedy wouldn’t recognize it — or have a place within it. The roots of progressivism, planted in the 1800s, with seeds sewn by President Woodrow Wilson in the 1900s, have born rotten fruit, choking off and eliminating all other fruit that might have existed.

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