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Feb 16, 2011

Show 681 The New New Deal by Charles Rl Kesler. Audio

 Hillsdale College’s Monthly Publication Imprimis

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May/June 2010 – The New New Deal – Charles R. Kesler

In President Obama, conservatives face the most formidable liberal politician in at least a generation. In 2008, he won the presidency with a majority of the popular vote—something a Democrat had not done since Jimmy Carter’s squeaker in 1976—and handily increased the Democrats’ control of both houses of Congress. Measured against roughly two centuries worth of presidential victories by Democratic non-incumbents, his win as a percentage of the popular vote comes in third behind FDR’s in 1932 and Andrew Jackson’s in 1828. More importantly, Obama won election not as a status quo liberal, but as an ambitious reformer. Far from being content with incremental gains, he set his sights on major systemic change in health care, energy and environmental policy, taxation, financial regulation, education, and even immigration, all pursued as elements of a grand strategy to “remake America.” In other words, he longs to be another FDR, building a New New Deal for the 21st century, dictating the politics of his age, and enshrining the Democrats as the new majority party for several decades to come. Suddenly, the era of big government being over is over; and tax-and-spend liberalism is back with a vengeance. We face a $1.4 trillion federal deficit this fiscal year alone and $10-12 trillion in total debt over the coming decade.

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With no seating plan and a very informal evening dresses online layout, we opted to lose the favours but used Dodmoor’s sweet dresser with our own jars to treat those gown Canada with a sweet tooth.

The general rule for the2011 evening dresseswas not to buy or make anything that we couldn’t incorporate into our home later on.

I am now the proud owner of many tealight plus size purple evening gowns, vintage bottles, homemade blackboards, apothecary jars, and chicken wire frames that will adorn our next house (discount Alfred Angelo discount evening dresses there’s just not enough room in our teeny terrace). Not to mention the dozens of fabric discount evening dresses that my Mum made to hang around the venue.