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Oct 14, 2017

Show 1959 John Stossel on ReasonTV   Part 2

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Stossel: Ayn Rand–The Author People Love to Hate

Published on Oct 10, 2017

60 years ago today, Atlas Shrugged was published. The novel still sells 100,000 copies a year.

Not everyone will celebrate Atlas Shrugged's anniversary. Ayn Rand is someone people love to hate. Years after her death, people still feel compelled to attack her ideas.

A recent John Oliver segment said her philosophy, objectivism, "is just a nice way of saying 'being a selfish asshole.'"

Fortunately, not all people think that way. Many young people, discovering Rand for the first time, say her ideas inspire them. Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, a free market advocacy group that promotes Atlas Shrugged on college campuses, says "it's surprising how much appetite there is" for Rand's ideas. Stossel challenges him, saying, "no, college students are socialists!" Kirk responds, "they're not socialists… 60% say they think socialism is a good idea and then 70% say they don't want to pay higher taxes and they don't trust the government. They just don't understand what socialism really is."

Driena Sixto discovered Rand through Turning Point USA. "I brought to class a ton of laptop stickers that said 'This laptop was brought to you by capitalism'. Towards the end of the semester I had most of the class on my side."

Jennifer Grossman, CEO of the Atlas Society, argues that it's important to expose young people to Rand's work because "Fiction is more powerful than facts".

Facts matter more. But often it's fiction that expands people's minds and changes how they think.

Produced by Naomi Brockwell. Edited by Joshua Swain.


Stossel: Tour Guides Under Attack

Published on Sep 19, 2017

Want to earn money showing someone around? It's not as simple as it sounds. Many cities require a license in order to do that.

For Michelle Freenor, owner of "Savannah Belle Walking Tours" in Savannah, this meant a background check complete with blood and urine samples, a physical fitness test, plus months of studying for a college-level history exam. The city charges $100 every time the exam is taken. She passed on her first try, but many fail.

All of this, just to speak for a living.

Bill Durrence, Alderman of the 2nd District of Savannah, admits parts of the licensing requirements may have gone too far, but said: "the licensing and the testing, I thought was a good idea just to make sure people had the accurate information."

When Michelle was diagnosed with Lupus, she told the city she might not be able to pass the physical. A licensing bureaucrat told her "you'll have to find another occupation... if you don't like it then you can sue us."

So she did.

The Institute for Justice, a libertarian law firm, took her case for free. The Savannah bureaucrats backed down, but it doesn't happen easily, says Dick Carpenter. "There's discovery, depositions are taken... [it can take] months, often years."

But Savannah isn't the only city to create bottlenecks for those who want to give tours: Charleston (SC), New York (NY), Williamsburg (VA), St. Augustine (FL), and New Orleans (LA) all have tests.

Washington, D.C. used to, until the Institute for Justice fought them too. Watch John Stossel give his own segway tour in DC, and learn about yet another way that the government makes it harder for people to find jobs.

It is part three of our Bottleneckers series.

Produced by Naomi Brockwell. Edited by Joshua Swain.


 Stossel: 100 years of Communist Disaster

Published on Oct 3, 2017

This year marks communism's 100th birthday. Its horrors should remind us of the value of freedom.

When communism was first implemented 100 years ago, people were excited.

Western academics and media figures at places like the New York Times praised the ideology even as millions starved.  The praise continued even as communist leaders murdered political opponents.

Today, some Antifa activists carry communist flags.  Some say communism failed in the Soviet Union because it wasn’t “done right."

But communism has been tried again and again-- in dozens of countries. It always fails. Stossel talks with Lily Tang Williams, who grew up in China, where tens of millions starved to death after government abolished private farms. Lily’s father taught her to trap rats for food, but then even the rats ran out.

Somehow she survived, and now she says she never wants to be without freedom again.

She's so passionate about freedom that she ran for US Senate in 2016 as a libertarian.

She says her mission in life is to tell people that life without freedom is awful.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.


$20,000,000,000,000 in Debt and Rising

Published on Sep 12, 2017

Now that Trump’s made a deal with Democrats, our national debt is higher than ever.

Democrats and most Republicans got spending they wanted, plus suspension of the debt limit. Trump got hurricane Harvey relief spending that he wanted.

But this is a bad deal for us taxpayers and everyone's children. Our debt now exceeds the value of everything that America produces in a year. Soon, warns economist Ed Stringham, we'll be like Greece; forced to make sudden cuts because we cannot borrow more to finance our spending addiction.

Stossel fears that the U.S. government will then just print more money. That's what countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have done. That didn't work out well.

Let's avoid that fate. Cut spending, now!

Actually, the federal government could avoid a crisis if it just reduced future spending increases to the rate of inflation. But the big spenders won't even do that.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Naomi Brockwell.


Stossel: The Best Part of the Constitution

Published on Sep 16, 2017

This Constitution Day, John Stossel asks: what's the most important part of the 230-year-old document?

Many people we asked in New York couldn't name a single right.

 Parts of the Constitution are hard to read. But they're still important! John Stossel goes through some of the most important ones, like:

-- The right to free speech

-- The right of the people to bear arms,

-- The guarantee of trial by jury

-- The 13th amendment, which outlawed slavery

Stossel also asks liberty-supporting people like Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), and Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) for their picks.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.


 Stossel: Entrepreneur Saves Free College Courses from Government Ban

Published on Sep 26, 2017

An internet entrepreneur saved 20,000 free online college lectures (and more) after the government declared them illegal.

Berkeley once had 20,000 college lectures available on their website. Anyone could watch for free. But then government said the videos were illegal because they didn't have captions for the deaf.

Captioning 20,000 videos would cost millions. So instead, Berkeley just took down all the videos. That meant nobody outside the college would be able to see them.

But one person didn't let that happen.

Jeremey Kaufmann just started a new service called LBRY (pronounced "library"). He posted the Berkely videos and thousands of others.

LBRY is kind of like Youtube–but unlike Youtube, it can't be censored.

Kaufmann says he isn't afraid to host the videos on his operation, because unlike Berkeley, he didn't create them. He says that means he's not legally responsible. We'll see. One never knows what our authoritarian government will do.

Three cheers for entrepreneurs like Kaufmann who risk their time and money to keep information like these college lectures available.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.


 Stossel: Star Trek's William Shatner Debates Safety and Space Travel

Published on Sep 5, 2017

John Stossel vs Captain Kirk on space travel in a libertarian world.

Star Trek gave us a glimpse of what might be possible in the future. Now our technology is catching up. But would we be able to fly the Enterprise today?

Probably not. We have so many rules and regulations that the Enterprise wouldn't get off the ground.

The food replicator would curtail our eating choices, the TSA would make it hard to board, the Transportation Department would ban "transporting."

Is "Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition" ( possible? William Shatner sat down to debate the idea with John Stossel at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.

Produced by Naomi Brockwell. Edited by Joshua Swain.


John Stossel - Cool Commies and Other Myths

Published on Mar 17, 2015

Michael Moynihan (The Daily Beast) joins John to discuss the myths which romanticize communism.