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May 22, 2018

Show 3060 Kibbe on Liberty Playlist

Kibbe on Liberty- In the face of the Fake News Establishment, one man is brave enough to defend liberty, celebrate pop culture, and drink beer. Hosted by Matt Kibbe and assorted cats. Socialists beware.

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The Case Against Education

Kibbe on Liberty

American students have amassed over a trillion dollars in debt, and for what?



Karl Marx Was a Terrorist

Kibbe on Liberty

Why are people celebrating Karl Marx's birthday? The man wasn't a visionary, he was a thug.


Eric Schneiderman's History of Abuse

Kibbe on Liberty

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's behavior is part of a pattern of government abuse going back decades.


Why Socialists Hate Art

Kibbe on Liberty

First they came for the artists. Matt Kibbe delves into the history of socialist persecution of the arts.

Several other segments are included in this show as well.


This ACU show consists of our audio version of several short videos from Matt Kibbe.

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