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Sep 17, 2016

Show 1604 Louder with Crowder

Louder with Crowder show #91.  Hillary Clinton has AIDS! Sally Kohn, Andrew Klavan and Anthony Cumia

Tyre King, Hillary Clinton is an animated corpse, Hillary coughs, and fantastic guests Sally Kohn, Andrew Klavan and Anthony Cumia are all on the show! Watch:

Thanks especially to Sally Kohn. Much respect. It’s easy to advocate leftists causes on the internet. Not everyone will have an honest debate with us. Again, much respect.

Not so much respect to the Young Turks. But you know. No such thing as bad publicity.

Want to get caught up on the top stories of the week, which we discussed on the show?

Uh Oh! New DNC Leaks Reveal HUGE Donations From Government Bodies…

Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia Now? She’s Her Own Conspiracy…

Hillary Clinton: Half of Trump Supporters are “Basket of Deplorables”

BREAKING: Ohio Boy Tyree King, Shot Killed by Police. What we Know…

SUED: Gun Rights Advocates File Major Defamation Lawsuit Against Katie Couric…

‘Black Rifles Matter’? Man Triggers Liberal Outrage in Maine

Kate Upton Blasts Dolphins’ National Anthem Protest: ‘A Disgrace!’

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