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May 12, 2017

Show 1802 Louder with Crowder Deport Illegal Criminals, Climate Change Myths, Bill Nye Gender Spectrum Rebuttal

This ACU show consists of 3 segments from the Louder with Crowder Show.

Segment 1- Yes, Deport Illegal Immigrants-Criminals

ICE is deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants using ICE Air. CNN shamelessly turns it into a sob story. A thorough rebuttal follows. Published on Apr 19, 2017

To watch the video visit-  

Taken from episode #154 of #DailyCrowder @CRTV


Segment 2- Top 5 Climate Change Myths

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Segment 3- REBUTTAL: Bill Nye's 'Gender Spectrum' BullcrapBill Nye (The Not-A-Real-Science-Guy) fancies himself an expert and repeatedly scoffs at anyone who’s skeptical of his particular brand of science….which ironically often lacks actual science. We give you exhibit D from his new Netflix show 'Bill Nye Saves The World' on the topic of the "gender spectrum"...! Published on Apr 25, 2017

To watch the video visit-

Taken from #DailyCrowder episode 157 on @CRTV

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