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Jul 8, 2016

Show 1550 Mark Levin- Hillary off the Hook

Segment 1 6/5/2016. We had a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who didn’t care about national security. She undoubtedly endangered the lives of individuals through her violation of the Espionage Act and endangered the national security of this country, all because she wanted to make sure she couldn’t be held to account for anything to anybody. However, Hillary is getting off the hook as FBI Director James Comey doesn’t recommend charges for her. In addition, there should have been a special prosecutor appointed to oversee this case and there should have been a grand jury. Hillary is not qualified to be president or get a security clearance. If this were a Republican candidate running for president, there is no way they would have gotten away with this. Also, this should have been a slam dunk prosecution. It’s an iron clad case except for the fact that Comey covered for Hillary. This is what we call, the fix is in and the system is rigged. Later, Sen. Bob Corker spoke at a Donald Trump rally and is one of the candidates for Trump’s Vice President. Corker shouldn’t be under consideration for anything except resignation.

Segment 2. FBI Director, James Comey was the biggest politician in the room at the Congressional hearing on Thursday. Does Comey understand the law or pretend that he doesn’t get it? Comey should realize that determining intent doesn’t require a confession, but includes looking at the circumstances and the facts. Also, former DOJ official, J Christian Adams calls in to discuss the FBI verdict on the Hillary email scandal. According to Adams, Americans should worry more about how the Department of Justice is handling the Hillary email case than James Comey. In the end, the decision not to bring up charges on Hillary was a Loretta Lynch and Department of Justice decision. After that, there were ugly police shootings recently in Louisiana and Minnesota. We need to get the facts on these shootings before drawing a conclusion. If those officers did commit wrongdoing then they need to be prosecuted but we need more facts. In addition, why does dealing with these police shootings always have to about politics, gun control, and President Obama? Also, the Donald Trump campaign numbers indicate that 700 delegates do not support Trump. The Trump campaign is now concerned about a delegate uprising. Finally, it’s with a heavy heart to announce the passing of a true patriot, WCBM’s own Tom Marr. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.


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