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Apr 6, 2017

Show 1772 Part 1 of 2. Mark Levin Segments from Conservative Review

This ACU show consists of several segments from the Mark Levin Show. Thanks to Conservative Review who posted this collection on SoundCloud. Find them at-

 - ‘Virtually every benefit’ available to Americans is also available to illegals

- Democrats don’t get it. Here is what you need to understand about the Constitution

- Levin tears into ‘complete frauds’ and ‘liars’ in Congress

- A big thank you to the Freedom Caucus patriots!

- The statists want to beat down the Freedom Caucus? Mark Levin will give them HELL!

- Who is talking about the national debt?

- Levin Calls Out Rogue Courts And Judicial Anarchy Over Blocked Travel Moratorium

- Levin Remembers Andrew Breitbart

- Democrat Party’s coziness with ‘Islamo-Nazis’ is what encourages anti-Semitism in America

- Conservatism isn't dead.

- Levin Blasts The REAL Anti - Semites In Politics

- Absurd college tuition costs pay for liberal indoctrination, not education!

- The Ninth Circuit has effectively granted EVERYONE in the world due process rights in America

- Levin takes on 9th Circuit ruling

- Levin Trump Should Criticize The Courts

- The time is NOW to rein in the rogue federal judiciary


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