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Jul 6, 2011

Show 749 Newt hits Obama’s “European socialism” - offers jobs, energy plan

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In a speech that evoked rounds of laughter and applause, Newt Gingrich returned to his professorial style, lecturing the crowd on why President Obama’s policies are negatively impacting the country and how he plans to help Republicans return to power in the executive and legislative branches.


“I certainly want to win the presidency, but we want to win it as a team in which we have House and Senate candidates who are on the same page going in the same direction, and the team arrives in Washington, and on Jan. 20,  2013, the team begins to change everything,” Gingrich said in his speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.


Gingrich, whose 41-minute speech was delivered without teleprompter or prepared notes, spent a large portion of the speech lambasting the “bad policies” Obama has adopted as president.  He criticized Obama’s energy policies for “killing jobs in Louisiana” along with condemning Obama’s statement that “shovel-ready” projects weren’t as “shovel-ready” as he anticipated.


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