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Nov 11, 2017

Show 1984 North Korea's Nuclear Trump Card - North Korea Documentary and Ambassador John Bolton

North Korea's Nuclear Trump Card - North Korea Documentary

Trump versus Kim - it is the most chilling nuclear stand-off for decades. No longer is the world asking whether North Korea can be stopped from developing nuclear weapons, but instead whether it can be stopped from using them.

As the two leaders trade threats, reporter Jane Corbin investigates how North Korea has dodged sanctions and thwarted international efforts to stop it becoming a nuclear power. She also asks how the two leaders can move back from the brink, and how likely it is this could all end in nuclear war?


Bolton: US Should Not Be 'Held Hostage' by North Korean Regime

Trump Rips Past Presidents: 'Rocket Man' Should've Been Handled a Long Time Ago

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton recently argued that if the U.S. allows North Korea to acquire and retain nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Un's regime would "have America by the throat."

He warned that North Korea is getting perilously close to being able to hit targets across the continental U.S. with nuclear warheads, perhaps even thermonuclear ones.

On "Outnumbered Overtime," he said that's why it is important for President Donald Trump make it clear to both North Korea and China that the U.S. is willing to take preemptive military action to protect America's interests.

"Hopefully there's still a peaceful way to get these weapons away from North Korea, but time is running out. That's the hard reality," Bolton said.


John Bolton: North Korea Will Not Be Talked Out of Its Nuclear Program

John Bolton warned that the U.S. and North Korea are "past the point" of diplomacy on the rogue regime's growing nuclear program.

President Trump made his first trip to Asia as president this week after a year of harsh jabs and threats between America's commander-in-chief and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Trump has expressed his hope that China will put pressure on its lucrative trading partner North Korea to tamp down its nuclear program.

However, Bolton said he is "virtually certain" North Korea will not be talked out of developing nuclear weapons.


Bolton Warns 'Time Is Running Out' on North Korea Nuclear Threat

John Bolton said North Korea's warning that a "nuclear war may break out at any moment" is just propaganda, but he cautioned that "time is running out" to curb the rogue regime's nuclear weapons program.

"They are definitely getting close to the capacity to hit targets all over the continental United States," Bolton said on "America's Newsroom." "Time is running out. It has been running out. And it's landed in the Trump administration's lap."

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said North Korea has been working toward becoming a nuclear power for 25 years, and now that they are "close to the finish line," there's no chance that they will be talked out of it.