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Dec 1, 2015

Show 1384  NRO 12 National Review Online. The Bookmonger.

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Ep. 41: Children of Monsters

What's it like to be the kid of a dictator? This is the subject of Jay Nordlinger's new book, Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators. In a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger, Nordlinger describes a rogue's gallery… 15:23   9/21/2015                   

Ep. 40: Finale, a Novel of the Reagan Years          13:53   9/14/2015        Thomas Mallon may be our generation's Allen Drury -- the top fictional chronicler of political life in Washington, D.C. His new book is Finale, a Novel of the Reagan Years  13:53   9/14/2015


Ep. 39: Eclipse of Man: Human Extinction and the Meaning of Progress

We may be lurching toward a brave new world of utopian thinking known as transhumanism warns Charles T. Rubin in Eclipse of Man: Human Extinction and the Meaning of Progress. 11:13   9/8/2015


Ep. 37: A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War

In a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger, author Joseph Loconte describes how Tolkien and Lewis fought for their country, and then fought against the gloomy disillusionment of the modernists, creating worlds that continue to inspire readers.  12:33   8/24/2015


Ep. 36: The Devil’s Pleasure Palace

In a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger, author Michael Walsh describes how America's sense of cultural inferiority made it vulnerable to attacks from European intellectuals in the postwar years -- and how this led to the Left's current domination… 12:28   8/17/2015


Ep. 35: War Elephants, Hannibal, and the Hellenistic Life

In a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger, Author Eve MacDonald discusses why this ancient general's march across the Alps was so bold as well as how his army hounded the Romans for years. She also discusses the fate of Carthage--… 14:33   8/10/2015