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Jul 31, 2015

Show1319 Obamas Iranian Nuclear Deal. 5 Segments.

Segment 1- Dennis Prager talks about the Iranian Nuclear deal.


Segment 2- Dennis Prager speaks at Stop Iran Rally 7/26/15 in Los Angeles

Published on Jul 27, 2015

Dennis Prager lays out why the Iran deal is such a dangerous agreement. Please watch and share with those you think may need to hear specifics about it. For those who say diplomacy via this agreement was the only alternative to war, please consider more sanctions and isolation. Russia and China, plus much of Europe wants to make money off Iran and do not feel threatened by their military. Short sighted and clearly drove self interested deal. Perhaps the fine print needs to be understood. For example, the U.S. agrees to help protect their facilities in Iran from attack. Also, no U.S. inspectors allowed in to Iran at all. Further, the 24 days notice and negotiation to see a suspected site allows for Iran to cover up their illegal work. Finally, when has Iran followed any nuclear agreement? Their track record with UN inspections is terrible, plus they continue to fund/carry out terrorism around the world.


Segment 3- Charles Krauthammer tells why the Iranian Nuclear Deal is so destructive.


Segment 4- George Will and Charles Krauthammer on Mike Huckabee and the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

 Segment 5- Marco Rubio

Segment 6- Netanyahu Warns U.S. Against Iran Nuclear Deal  

 Prime minister Netanyahu tells Congress Israel cannot accept emerging deal.



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