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Nov 23, 2012

Show 909 Part 4 of Prager University: Get the Education You Missed in 5 minutes. 

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 1.      Prager University: Do High Taxes Raise More Money?

If you raise taxes does it automatically follow that you'll raise more revenue? Is there a point at which tax rates become counterproductive? UCLA Economics professor, Tim Groseclose, answers these questions and poses some fascinating new ones.

2.      Prager University: Hiroshima -- Why America Dropped the Bomb

In August 1945 America dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WWII. Six decades later that decision is still controversial. But should it be? Father Wilson Miscamble, Professor of History at Notre Dame, answers the question in the one of the most powerful five minutes you'll ever see.

3.      Prager University: The Welfare State and the Selfish Society

Does capitalism and the free market make you selfish? Dennis Prager, best selling author and nationally syndicated talk show host, answers this question and challenges what for many has become conventional wisdom.

4.      Prager University:Understanding Men and Women: Why They See Things Differently

Men and Women live in the same world, so why do they see it so differently? Renowned relationship expert, Alison Armstrong, provides answers that are provocative and profound in this entertaining. fully animated Prager University course, the first in a new series.

5.      Prager University: The Power of Profit

Did you ever wonder why anything gets anywhere? How potatoes from Idaho, for example, end up in a supermarket in NYC? Acclaimed economist, Walter Williams, explains why it all depends on one thing – profit

6.      Prager University: 4th of July Declaration

The 4th of July is America's birthday. That's a big deal. This brief ceremony will help you bring meaning back into this holiday. It's easy and fun. Join the party!

7.      Prager University: Paul Johnson

Dennis inaugurates a new feature of Prager University: Wisdom of the Masters, interviews with some of the finest minds in the world. First up, influential British historian Paul Johnson, author of "Modern Times, " "The Intellectuals" and "A History of the American People."

8.      Prager University: Actions Matter (Not Thoughts)

Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and best selling author, discusses the significant difference between what we do (our actions) and our thoughts and intentions.

9.      Prager University: When Telling the Truth Is Wrong

Everybody thinks it's wrong to tell lies, but are there times when it's wrong to tell the truth? Renowned theologian Joseph Telushkin has a surprising answer. Take "The 24 Hour Challenge" and we'll send you a gift!

10.  Prager University: The Most Important Verse in the Bible

No one, not even the most devoted atheist, denies that the Bible is the most influential book ever written. So, what is the most important verse in this most important book?

11.  Prager University: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Is Israel an Apartheid State? Dennis Prager provides the definitive answer. He also explains why some people ask it. This question would be absurd if people didn't take it seriously. Their motive is often disingenuous. They want to de-legitimize Israel by trying to link it to Apartheid South Africa. Visit to learn more about the Middle East Conflict and other courses you don't want to miss.

12.  Prager University: Human Nature -- Are We Basically Good? 

Dennis discusses our core human nature. Are we basically good? How you answer this question says a lot about your world view. After attending this Prager U course, that view may change.

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