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Aug 24, 2016

Show 1582 Peter Hitchens and Professor John Lennox | God DOES EXIST

Segment 1- Professor John Lennox gives his argument for the existence of God before the Oxford Union.

Professor John Lennox begins by declaring himself as a believer in God. He says he's not ashamed of being both a scientist and a Christian but is tired of the constant choice being put forth to choose either God or Science.

The motivating force behind science is that the universe and the human mind ultimately stem from the same intelligent divine mind.

He goes on to say that science can find answers to almost everything in the universe apart from why it was made; only god can reveal that piece of information to us. The proof for the existence of god comes in the form of Jesus Christ, God in human form. Therefore god isn't a theory he's a person. Filmed on Thursday 8th November 2012


Professor of Mathematics & Philosophy at Oxford.


Segment 2- Peter Hitchens | God DOES Exist

Peter Hitchens gives his arguement for the existance of God before the Oxford Union.


Segment 3- From Socrates in the City Dr John Lennox

 Dr. John Lennox spoke on the topic, "Seven Days That Divide the World". Afterward Eric Metaxas was heard asking, "Why didn't I ever have any math teachers like this?" Watch the lecture in its entirety here!


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