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Jan 12, 2011

Show 664 Part 2 Prager University. Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated talk show host and best-selling author, answers that question in this thought-provoking video course. This is an audio version of the video course. To watch all of the Prager University courses visit


The Middle East Problem. October 24, 2010  Why is the Middle East Problem so intractable?


Happiness is a Moral Obligation. June 28, 2009  | Dennis Prager, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, makes the case that happiness is much more than a personal pursuit, it's a moral obligation.

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Everyday Ethics: Consumer Rights... and Wrongs.| July 25, 2010 

We talk endlessly about consumer rights, but is there such a thing as consumer obligations? Dennis Prager answers this question and comes up with some answers that will not only change the way you shop, but the way you live.


Human Nature -- Are We Basically Good?  August 29, 2009  Dennis discusses our core human nature. Are we basically good? How you answer this question says a lot about your world view.


The Case for Marriage  June 04, 2010  Is there case to be made for marriage, long the bedrock institution of civilized society? Or is it just another social antique, the creation of an outdated patriarchy and no longer relevant in modern life?


The Bigger the Government.  February 06, 2010  Dennis Prager, asks a fascinating and important question: what happens to the citizens of a country when the government gets bigger and bigger?


Key to Happiness and Goodness. November 25, 2009  Is there a key that unlocks the door to personal happiness and goodness? Yes. And Dennis Prager knows what it is.


Men and the Power of the Visual - Male/Female Differences.  October 03, 2009  Dennis Prager begins his discussion on male/female differences. The male preoccupation with the visual is the first topic raised.


The Most Important Verse in the Bible. November 01, 2009  No one, not even the most devoted atheist, denies that the Bible is the most influential book ever written. So, what is the most important verse in this most important book?


 God, Part 1: What Would Make You Believe in God?  July 20, 2009  Dennis Prager asks a fundamental question and comes up with an answer that may surprise both believers and non-believers.


Paul Johnson April 22, 2010. Dennis inaugurates a new feature of Prager University: Wisdom of the Masters, interviews with some of the finest minds in the world. First up, influential British historian Paul Johnson, author of -Modern Times, -The Intellectuals- and -A History of the American People.


 Actions Matter (Not Thoughts)  January 12, 2010.  Dennis Prager discusses the significant difference between what we do (our actions) and our thoughts and intentions.


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