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Jan 9, 2017

Show 1691 Reality Check with Brittany Hughes. Part 1

This ACU show consists of several short videos from MRTV on YouTube.

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Twitter-  @realbritthughes


Reality Check: Here's Why John Kerry Can Shove It

John Kerry thinks Israel can't be Jewish and democratic without capitulating to Palestine. Then again, this administration also thinks dictators are awesome. Published on Dec 29, 2016

Reality Check: LA's Spending Millions in Taxpayer Cash Fighting Deportations

Los Angeles County just pledged $3 million in taxpayer money to help illegal aliens fight deportation, in yet another example of a liberal-run fortress of progressivism that puts politics ahead of its own citizens. Published on Dec 22, 2016


Reality Check: Special Snowflakes are Hilarious, Until They Aren't

It's been pretty hilarious to watch special snowflakes melt all across our college campuses -- hilarious, that is, until you realize just how serious a problem this kind of coddling could create. Published on Dec 15, 2016


Reality Check: CNN Thinks Obama's Legacy is Awesome. Let's Destroy That.

Reality Check: It's Time To Call Out the Media On This 'Fake News' Crap

Reality Check: When the Idiot Media Can't Determine a Terrorist's Motives.

Reality Check: Let's Take A Break From Hating Each Other and Be Thankful

Reality Check: The Media Have LOST the Right To Call the Trump Camp Racists

Reality Check: If You Voted For Trump, You Must Be Racist

Reality Check: Obamacare's Tanking, Just Like the President Planned

Reality Check: So This 'Refugee' Just Tried To Join ISIS

Reality Check: Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years of Genocide

Reality Check: Dear Media, Hillary's Got Skeletons, Too

Reality Check: While Liberals Deny Fraud, Zombies and Aliens Vote In VA

Reality Check: While Terrorists Attack America, Obama Battles 'Climate Change'

Reality Check: When Obama Can't Blame Terrorism On Guns

Reality Check: More Blacks Die While Football Players Whine About Cops