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Feb 17, 2017

Show 1727 Refugee Flap, Stockholm Syndrome, Voter ID laws, Democrats in the wilderness. Ami Horowitz and Dick Morris

Segment 1 -Dennis Prager talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist, about the refugee flap. Ami has actually lived among refugees and researched the vetting process.

Segment 2- STOCKHOLM SYNDROME by Ami Horowitz.  

Rape and violence has exploded across Sweden due it's immigration policies. Watch to see what Sweden has done to itself. Published on Dec 12, 2016

To watch the video of this presentation visit-


Segment 3- Are Voter ID laws racist? By Ami Howowitz

We asked liberal elites about voter ID laws and black people. Then we asked Harlem residents their thoughts on what they just heard. Crazy! Published on Nov 3, 2016


Segment 4 and 5- From the Dick Morris Podcast

Democrats Face A Decade in the Wilderness

When the left loses, it loses the centrists and usually becomes more liberal. How much crazier will they start going and who is going to lead the party forward now?


Trump is Keeping Out Terrorists

All of our terrorist attacks have been committed by Islamic terrorists from other countries. How can we stop them? Trump reforming immigration may be the key.


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