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Aug 17, 2017

Show 1904 Sean Hannity on North Korea. A History of Deals, Bribes and Appeasement. Military A-Team and EMP Attack

Segment 1- It's Bad To Be Right

Sean dedicates the show to the news that North Korea likely has nuclear capabilities that can hit our shores.  If you're surprised by this news you have not been listening to The Sean Hannity Show very much!  "I've been saying that the threat to freedom and the thing that will define the Trump presidency is North Korea," kicked off Sean, "I so wish I was wrong today."  The liberal media won't tell you but the Trump administration pushed through the most significant economic sanctions in history just last week.  It's our last best shot at stopping Korea!


Segment 2- Trump's Cuban Missile Crisis

Sean sits down with his military A-team to discuss options with North Korea.  All of the years of Obama appeasement has left the world surprised by President Trump's strong rhetoric toward North Korea.  This is Trump's Cuban Missile Crisis.


Segment 3- The Weapon That Could Destroy The US

Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey discusses the impact of an electromagnetic pulse attack that could result from a nuclear attack.  North Korea could cause a lot of damage but just how likely are they to attack?


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