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Oct 15, 2010

Show 623 She's the Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi by Rochelle Schweizer. Audio MP3

The sordid truth about Nancy Pelosi's rise to power -- and why she is the most dangerous politician in America

She's the Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi

by Rochelle Schweizer. Michael Medved talks to author.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi once pounded her gavel so hard it left a dent in the podium. Ruthless and efficient, she frightens even those who agree with her: Democrats in Congress have learned the hard way to toe the line. Unchecked, Pelosi's impact on our country could be catastrophic. Now, in She's the Boss: The Disturbing Truth About Nancy Pelosi, Rochelle Schweizer lays out the indisputable truth: Pelosi is a manipulative political boss who will stop at nothing to keep power and advance her destructive agenda.


"Most people view Pelosi as a granola, liberal San Francisco ideologue," writes Schweizer. "But there is something more worrying and more potent than her extreme agenda: the well-engineered boss politics she has imposed on the legislative process." Schweizer charts Pelosi's carefully orchestrated rise to power as a uniquely American ruling-class diva who is not so subtly replacing "by the people, for the people" with "have your people call my people." Based on historical archives and exclusive interviews, She's the Boss explores how Pelosi functions as a brass-knuckles political boss and how her grandmotherly image allows her to operate in a manner that few, if any, male politicians could get away with.


"Big Tommy": How Pelosi's father -- a congressman and then mayor of Baltimore whose political machine was tainted by scandal -- taught her about patronage, ruthlessness, and the credo of the party boss: never admit to anything, never apologize, and attack when challenged


Pelosi's shameless hypocrisy -- for instance, while she spends millions in taxpayer dollars to green up the capital and expects Americans to pay for their carbon footprints, she demands a bigger jet for her trips across the globe as well as military G5s for holiday weekends


How Pelosi's power has positioned both her and her family members to expand their financial portfolio: Schweizer examines numerous questionable financial dealings such as Presidio Partners, Hunters Point Redevelopment, and Paul Pelosi Jr.'s involvement with Countrywide and InfoUSA


"Public service" is her mantra -- but instead of contributing to causes that elevate the poor and suffering, she donates to organizations that will elevate her social standing such as Georgetown University, art councils, and the like


How Pelosi claims to act for the benefit of the American people, yet enriches her family's portfolio through pet legislation and personal financial dealings


How Pelosi claims to be a Catholic -- yet brazenly defies Church teaching by fighting for taxpayer funding for abortions


How Pelosi drives massive legislation deals through Congress by stiff arm twisting, knowing she and her cronies will profit at the expense of the electorate

"Schweizer presents compelling evidence that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a political boss operating on overdrive and has turned her House into a corrupt institution by pulling the levers of political power for her benefit as well as that of her allies." -- Andrew Breitbart, founder of


"Many Americans have wondered how an official with such a wide-eyed leftist agenda and such arrogance could become the highest-ranking female politician in U.S. history? Schweizer reveals how Pelosi became Speaker of the House using the same ruthless techniques she learned from her father's world of corrupt Baltimore boss politics. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to truly understand this widely unpopular, arrogant, and overreaching political boss and shows how the House she built may be about to collapse." -- Michelle Easton, president, Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute


"She's the Boss is critical to understanding what's going on in Washington today and Pelosi's pivotal role." -- Fred Barnes, executive editor, Weekly Standard


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