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Aug 12, 2015

Show 1324 Stossel in the Classroom from the 2015 Edition DVD

 From the DVD cover-

This FREE 49-minute DVD, includes eight segments from John Stossel television programs (listed below), chosen and edited specifically for the classroom. Don't want to wait for a DVD to be delivered? We now offer the segments as streaming video. Just click the segment video links in the left sidebar.

 This year, we have also include four short videos we were impressed with from other organizations, as "Bonus Features" on your DVD.

 To supplement your 2015 Edition video segments, we also provide you with a FREE downloadable and printable Teacher Guide (available in English and Spanish) with suggested lesson plans, discussion topics, worksheets, and activities! The guides are included on the DVD, as well as being available on our Teacher's Guides page to download.

 Overregulation: When Are There Enough Rules?

Why are there so many rules for us to follow? Why do governments seem to churn out more rules every day? When are there enough rules? Do more laws mean less freedom? This segment looks at some regulations and how they impact people.

 Moving Companies: Who Chooses Who Moves Our Stuff?

Should businesses need permission from other businesses to compete? Should the government help established businesses keep out competition? Is uncontrolled competition too chaotic and disruptive? Do we need the government to control competition? This segment looks at moving companies and the urge to regulate them.


Protecting Endangered Species: A Good Idea Gone Wild?

What is the best way to protect endangered species? How can we ensure the survival of species and ensure that people’s property rights are not taken away? Should the government attempt to regulate land when the endangered species doesn't even live on that land? What's the solution? This segment looks at one government attempt to save an endangered frog.


Tough To Get a Lyft: Regulating Your Ride?

Should people be allowed to compete against existing cab companies? Should passengers get to choose who drives them? What about the safety of passengers? Should the government protect people by regulating cab and other car services? What other reasons would the government have to regulate cab and car services? This segment looks at the current controversy over regulation of innovative car services.


War on Women: Fact or Fable?

Do women make less than men? Do employers discriminate against women by paying them less? This lesson focuses on the controversy surrounding the wage gap between men and women.


Internship Regulation: Are Unpaid Interns Exploited?

Should interns get paid? Should minimum wage laws apply? Shouldn't the education and training an intern gets be considered? Are there any unintended consequences of mandating that interns be paid? This segment looks at internships in America.


Reputation or Regulation: Which Provides Better Consumer Protection?

What’s the best way to choose a product or service? Has the availability of feedback on the Internet diminished or eliminated government's role in regulating business? Do markets regulate businesses better than government regulation does? This segment looks at consumer protection through reputation and regulation.


Electronic Surveillance: What's Happening To Our Privacy?

Are there any limits on the government's ability to protect its citizens? Should there be? What is the proper balance between our country's security and our own privacy? This segment looks at the controversy surrounding the NSA.

 Use specially selected segments from John Stossel's television programs to spark thoughtful, engaging, curriculum-driven class discussions.

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