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Jun 17, 2016

Show 1532 Stossel in the Classroom 2016

Welcome to Stossel in the Classroom's 2016 Edition Free DVD for teachers.


Spontaneous Order: Do We Really Need A Plan?

What is spontaneous order? How is it that without government direction, food is available in stores, cars are manufactured, information is available on the Internet, and people can get medical care? And what happens when government gets involved? This segment looks at the economics of spontaneous order.


Disaster Relief: Who Does It Better

Who should help victims of natural disasters? Should citizens voluntarily help? Should government? Who is better at it? This segment looks at the role government and charity-based organizations play in providing disaster relief.


Crowdfunding: Can Entrepreneurs Go Straight To Consumers

What if you want to create a product or service but don't have the money? What can you do? You can borrow from a bank perhaps. Or you can crowdfund. What is crowdfunding? How does it work? Does it do any good? This segment looks at the benefits of crowdfunding.


Technological Innovation: Do Rules Stifle Growth

What conditions encourage innovation? What discourages innovation? Do governments help, or do they increase the time and cost of developing new products? Should businesses really have to protect themselves by lobbying, or should the government just leave entrepreneurs alone to develop products and services? This segment looks at technological innovation and government rules.


Delayed Gratification: Can It Lead To Future Success

What does it mean to "delay gratification"? What does a child's ability or willingness to delay gratification indicate? Is this something that can be taught? Should it be? This segment looks at one role parents can play in fostering successful traits in their children.


Following Orders: Does That Remove Your Responsibility

Do you always do what you're told? Should you? Does doing what you're told absolve you of responsibility for the consequences of your actions? This segment looks at the Milgram experiment on obedience to authority and our willingness to follow orders.


Combating Bias: Do We Need Incentives To Overcome It

Do you make rational decisions? Would you hire the best applicant for a job? Would you rate your teacher or professor fairly? This segment looks at recognizing bias in ourselves.


The Fed: Can It Be Trusted To Manage Our Money

What is the Fed? Okay, it's the Federal Reserve. But what is that? What does it do? What is its role? How does the Fed affect us and our money? This segment looks at the origins and impact of the Federal Reserve.


From the DVD cover-

This FREE 49-minute DVD, includes eight segments from John Stossel television programs (listed below), chosen and edited specifically for the classroom. Don't want to wait for a DVD to be delivered? We now offer the segments as streaming video.

To supplement your 2016 Edition video segments, we also provide you with a FREE downloadable and printable Teacher Guide (available in English and Spanish) with suggested lesson plans, discussion topics, worksheets, and activities! The guides are included on the DVD, as well as being available on our Teacher's Guides page to download.


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