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Oct 2, 2015

Show 1346 TED Talks- How private schools are serving the poorest  Pauline Dixon at TEDxGlasgow and Tom Woods Interview

Segment 1- TED Talks- How private schools are serving the poorest  Pauline Dixon at TEDxGlasgow

Seminal research in the slums and shanty towns of Asia and Africa shows not only the numbers of low-cost private schools around the world but why, how and by whom they are run and patronised. Dr. Pauline Dixon looks at parental choice, the comparison between government and low-cost private schools as well as innovative initiatives that are currently under way in India and Ghana such as vouchers and chains of private schools. The talk also considers what the wider world can learn from this market success story.

 More About Pauline...

 Dr. Pauline Dixon is a senior lecturer in International Development and Education at Newcastle University in the North East of England.

Dr Dixon's research in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, China, and Tunisia, investigates education for the poorest living in slums and shanty towns. She is also researching education in conflict zones focusing on Liberia, South Sudan and Sierra Leone as well as considering the advantages chains of private unaided schools have owing to their economies of scale.

 Published on Apr 3, 2012

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Segment 2- The Tom Woods Show Episode 71. Tom interviews Dr. Pauline Dixon on her TED Talk and Low Cost Private Schools in the Developing World


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