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Apr 27, 2017

Show 1789 Tenth Amendment Center. Nullify! Season 2 part 2

To watch this series and much more visit- Tenth Amendment Series Season 2

Highly Recommended by ACU.

This ACU show covers 8 segments from The Tenth Amendment Center Nullify! Series. Chapters 10 to 23.

Nullify Chapter 10: Jury Nullification, The Last Line of Defense

Jury nullification is the last line of defense, and can turn around even the worst situation.


Nullify Chapter 11: The Strategy 

An effective strategy to nullify - hits back at the feds in four directions.


Nullify Chapter 12: State and Federal Surveillance Partnerships

It's not just the feds that are spying on you. State and local agencies collect a LOT of information, then share it upstream to the federal government through a program called, "Information Sharing Environment" (ISE).


Nullify Chapter 13: Stingrays, Drones, and ALPRs

It’s not just the NSA that’s spying on you. State action can help end it.


Nullify Chapter 14: Turn it Off. Shut it Down.

No water = No NSA data center.


Nullify Chapter 15: Nevada Beats D.C. by Turning off their Water

Can states legally - and successfully - shut off water to a federal agency? Absolutely, it’s already been done.


“The validity of Western states’ groundwater rights and the right to regulate water in the public interest is not a right to be taken lightly, nor is it a right that can cavalierly be ignored or violated by a federal agency.”


Nullify Chapter 16: Three Steps to Stop Federal Gun Control

Seventy-plus years of federal gun control is not going to be overturned by congress or the courts, but step-by-step actions by states can help bring it to an end.


Nullify Chapter 17: Guns and Weed

9 states have “firearms Freedom Acts” on the books, but not one has put it into effect.

These are some initial steps they should take.


Nullify Chapter 18: Taking on the Federal Reserve

There are four steps states can take to protect themselves from the Federal Reserve, and restore sound money. We’ll cover the first two, next.


Nullify Chapter 19: End the Fed from the Bottom Up

Encouraging the use of gold and silver as legal tender, and removing regulatory burdens are essential first steps for states against the Federal Reserve. But they can take things even further.


Nullify Chapter 20: Mike, Netaka and Veronica

Three farmers and two states provide a blueprint for nullification success.


Nullify Chapter 21: Federal Militarization of Local Police

"States and local communities can nullify the practical effect of federal police militarization programs by simply withdrawing from them."


Nullify Chapter 22: Close the Federal Asset Forfeiture Loophole

A federal program is undermining some of the toughest restrictions on asset forfeiture, but states can easily put an end to it.


Nullify Chapter 23: A Revolution in Thought

Today’s nullification movement is revolutionary because it offers the hope of smashing the established political order. It gives us an alternative to “voting the bums out” which only results in new “bums” who violate the Constitution in more costly and dangerous ways each year. And it reminds us that we don’t need to rely on the federal government to limit its own power.